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“Supercharge Your Success – Accelerate Your Career” – Free Workshop by Performance Expert Anji Hallewell

Ever felt that you are capable of more in your career?  Well, your inkling is right, there is something inside of you, that when discovered, sees you truly thrive in your career. And the best thing is that it is never too late to find it.  It’s your potential!

Intrigued? Then check out this FREE “Supercharge Your Success – Accelerate Your Career” event. Registration is open and there is a spot waiting just for you!

The workshop is on-

March 16th, 10 am – Singapore, Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre


March 16th, 2 pm – Singapore, Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre

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You can choose as per your convenience!

Maybe you want to get to the next level or even switch careers but don’t know what to do…

Come and find out how to eliminate the roadblocks to your success and be a natural genius every day at work! The workshop is conducted by S.E. Asia’s Leading Self-Mastery & Performance Coach, Speaker and Trainer  Anji Hallewell. Over the last 15+ years, Anji has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in a variety of talent focused roles – teaching professionals the necessary tools to create levels of career success that was previously unattainable.  Having personally experienced some of the high-pressure challenges facing today’s aspiring leaders, Anji’s passion is to empower professionals to rise to their highest heights.  Anji’s talent for understanding behaviour and mindset has seen her emerge as one of the leading coaches in self-mastery and performance

You will learn:
  • The top dis-empowering habits that are blocking your performance
  • The key reasons why you feel “drained: or “overwhelmed” all too often
  • The Natural Genius Formula
  • Powerful and scientifically proven mindset hacks
  • The secret behind real gravitas


Sound good? Then secure your seat now and change the trajectory of your professional success. Click  ‘Register’ 

and block your seat now FOC!

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    Thanks, Savitha for taking an interest…please visit to register -http://www.naturalgeniusacademy.com/optin-2592083026320619?cookieUUID=df1413ae-7f6d-4ef5-ab54-783979147522

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