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How to Prevent and Thrive with Cancer- Vijay Bhat

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Womenlines loves to get empowering and informative content for all readers, viewers and followers from across the globe. Womenlines is delighted to welcome the organisation ‘Cancer Awakens’  as a sponsor for the content related to ‘How to prevent and thrive with Cancer’ under ‘Health’ segment. Enlightening content from Cancer Awakens is going to empower people with the right mindset and knowledge to prevent cancer and to thrive with it if one is diagnosed with it. In the interview with Womenlines, Vijay Bhat, founder of ‘Cancer Awakens’ has shared incredible tips on what to take care in life to keep cancer away!

Vijay Bhat, the founder of Cancer Awakens is himself a 17-yr colon cancer-thriver. Cancer Awakens wants people to awaken, heal, grow and thrive from cancer, instead of suffering like victims or dying on schedule. Their vision is “Many millions must survive; One million must thrive”. They will achieve this through online cancer-coaching, via 10,000 trained and certified cancer-coaches (SHERPAs).

Vijay Bhat calls himself a “Wanderer-Dabbler”, a “Seeker-Learner” and a “Thriver-Sherpa”.
His 1st career (of 25 yrs) was in Advertising. His 2nd career (of 13 yrs) was in Leadership Consulting & Coaching. In his swan-song, he is a start-up social entrepreneur in the field of Cancer Coaching.
Vijay is himself a 17-yr colon cancer-thriver and the co-author of ‘My Cancer Is Me – The Journey from Illness to Wholeness’. He is a sought-after keynote speaker on Cancer, Holistic Health, Stress Management and Leadership. Vijay has lived, worked and travelled all over the world. He and his wife Nilima are currently based in Mumbai, India. They have 2 grown-up kids – Shravan & Shambhavi- from whom there is so much to learn.


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