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How to Prevent Burnout

Let’s list out how many roles a woman plays- professional, mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, individual, …and the list goes on!!

Burn out has to happen if all roles are to be played with the overwhelming pressure of giving the best to lead to perfection. Researches are claiming that womenfolk are more prone to burnout in comparison to men. If you are a woman reading this article, do check out if you have any matching symptom for burnout and take note of steps to follow to keep burnout away and how to recover from burnout!

Yes, friends, in the rush of life we start our day with the to-do list and then this list goes forever thus creating that heavy feeling on the chest of every woman wondering HOW CAN I COMPLETE IT IN 24 hrs?

Take a deep breath friend! Stop overwhelming yourself by continuous reminders. What you have to do is just get mindful of minutes which can be used mindfully to finish the task list as and how the day goes by. What has to be done is that instead of focusing on the ultimate result of finishing the whole list and coming under pressure, you have to keep telling your self whatever you do you do it 100% and with full presence. It is all about how you take out blocks of ‘TO DO LIST’ period while you are standing in the queue, or waiting for the lift, or even if you have to visit the doctor. Block a little time after lunch. Thus start focusing on squeezing out different chunks of a period where you can finish up all the points, which needs to be done digitally.

Burnout happens when you are over-demanding yourself, you are not having rest period for yourself, you are overwhelmingly involved in social media activity or also you are not at all focusing on your physical activity. Allow your body to breath. Give some time to reflect. May be 10 mins in the shower. The body is the tool, which if used smartly can help you to achieve amazingly. If you are aware how you can have your happy hormones in between by just saying hello to you colleague, asking about his or her wellbeing, then your body has got a dosage of my time with all chemicals within, which can help you to jump back in your excel sheets again.

Burnout, however, isn’t easy to spot. Defined by Herbert Freudenberger, who described burnout as a severe stress condition that leads to severe physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. It is considered worse than fatigue as people suffering from burnout find challenges in delivering day to day activities! There is no enthusiasm in you, you feel slow most of the time, you have to put lots of efforts to get yourself to work. 

There is always a pessimistic feeling within you which you try to overcome by either overeating or indulging in other self-harming activities. You begin to withdraw from the family and friends. Due to burnout you start neglecting your needs and this if it is left untreated you can suffer from other illnesses and it can overall lead to mental and physical collapse.

“Burnout is the result of too much energy output and not enough energy self-invested. In other words, it’s burning too much fuel than you’ve put in your tank.”- Melissa Steginus, Self Care at Work: How to Reduce Stress, Boost Productivity, and Do More of What Matters

The activities mentioned in the list below can help you to be mindful to prevent yourself from getting into habits, which can cause burnout-

  • 1) Be mindful about managing your time with discipline. During night time take out some time to go through the whole day and see what are those activities which involved your time and which could have avoided.
  • 2) Start giving back to society. Volunteering for social causes activities can help you to enhance your empathy quotient and help people who require your support. We are humans and we have to feel like humans, not like robots performing the same set of work mechanically every day.
  • 3) Indulging in mindset strengthening activities like journaling, practising mindfulness, doing meditation etc can help you to lighten yourself to prevent the burnout. 
  • 4) Start loving yourself. Forgive yourself and come out of the guilt with which you have overburdened yourself.
  • 5) Find time to involve yourself in certain creative activities over weekends, which can help you achieve self-harmony like painting, dancing, learning to play some musical instrument of your interest, etc.
  • 6) Fill your day with joy like by giving a surprise call to your friends, saying thank you to people around you etc.

Once you take responsibility for your well being and start leading an active life with mindfulness of indulging in self-care activities, burnout will never happen to you. Start living life with a PURPOSE!

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