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Humbled by the modesty from great leaders-US President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Modi

US President Mr Obama’s visit as a chief guest for Indian Republic Parade to India was a  golden moment in Indian history! images Media was flourished with various reports about how both leaders of great Nations, Mr Narendra Modi, PM of India and Mr Obama were having various meetings and discussion to form some new policies and take some historic decisions to make this relationship between both countries stronger. I was not able to follow all the stories and what all decisions were taken but this conversation between both leaders on Man Ki Baat channel really touched my heart. What impressed me was the humbility by both leaders. In spite of being such great leaders, both were down to earth and were so simple and humble in their speeches.   I just loved the way Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama bonded over their humble beginnings on this radio show. All the words were coming straight from their heart and this shows the simplicity of their personality. I want my kids to listen to this talk when they grow up and understand the importance of simplicity in thoughts and get inspired by their high thinking. http://pmindiawebcast.nic.in/

Replete with rich personal anecdotes, the 30-minute amazing radio talk emphasized on a fact that both never imagined reaching high positions. “I think both of us have been blessed with extraordinary opportunity, coming from relatively humble beginnings,” Obama said in answer to a question. “When I think about what’s best in America and what’s best in India, the notion that a tea seller or somebody who is born to a single mother, like me, could end up leading our countries is an extraordinary example of the opportunities that exist within our countries.”

Modi added that he had never imagined holding the country’s top office “because, as Barack said, I came from a very humble background”.

As the son of a lower-caste tea vendor, Modi’s backstory is often compared to Obama’s inspirational rise to become America’s first black president.

Modi said he was “touched” when Obama gifted him a book on Swami Vivekananda during his US visit last year.

Thoughts shared in this talk show are reflecting that both leaders are down to earth in their approach and care about each other’s values. Hats off to their humbleness!

Charu Mehrotra

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