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8 mindset changing takeaway thoughts for every women from ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg

Recently I got a chance to read a book ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Thoughts shared in the book by Sheryl are so powerful that still resonating in my mind and I felt the urge to share them with my blog readers. I am sure these mindset changing thoughts will definitely help in motivating women (working or non-working) to excel in life. Here are my picks while doing Lean In Book review-   download

1) “A truly equal world will be one where a woman ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes.”

Men are continually applauded for being ambitious, powerful and successful but women who display same traits often pay a social penalty,  we need more portrayals of women as competent professionals and happy mothers many women feel like fraudulent when praised. Instead of feeling worthy of recognition, they feel undeserving and guilty, as if a mistake has been made   Ariana Huffington advice we should let ourselves react emotionally and feel whatever anger or sadness being criticized evokes us. And then we should quickly move on”.-Embrace your success proudly and let go your frustrations easily

2)We need more portrayals of women as competent professionals and happy mothers, Fear is the root of so many barriers that many women face, Fear of making the wrong choice. Fear of drawing negative attention, Fear of   overreaching, Fear of being judged.”-It is our responsibility, as a woman to be fearless, to come out of our insecurities and to give our best in our professional and home front.

3) “Ask a man to explain his success and he will typically credit his own innate qualities and skills. Ask a woman the same question she will attribute her success to external factors insisting she did well because she got lucky or got help.” –Start taking responsibility of your achievements and proudly give yourself credit for it.

4) “Instead of perfection, we should aim for sustainable and fulfilling. The right question is not “Can I do it all? But “Can I do what’s most important to my family?’’ The aim is to have children who are happy and thriving… The secret is there is no secret-just doing the best you can with what you have got”- Give your best to the present moment of your priorities. Have faith in yourself and things will definitely fall in pace

5) “Guilt management can be just as important as time management for women.”-I think every woman can relate to this statement and remember how many times in her life she has wasted her energy and time in managing her guilt of not able to take care of various things properly. Therefore guilt management has to be done mindfully so that women can focus on their growth by learning from their mistakes.

6) “Until women have supportive employers and colleagues as well as partners who share family responsibilities they don’t have a real choice. And until men are fully respected for contributing inside the home they don’t have a real choice either.”-This mutual partnership and understanding between husband and wife are strongly required for today’s generation. It is definitely not easy to change the mindset fast but yes it is responsibility on mothers of today’s generation to raise their boy and girl with the same mindset.

7) “   True equality will be achieved only when we fight the stereotypes that hold us back. The goal is to work towards a world where those social norms no longer exist. If more children see their fathers at school pick-ups and mothers who are busy at jobs, both girls and boys will envision more options for them. Expectations will not be set by gender but by personal passion, talents, and interests.”-This is golden saying as very well Sheryl has emphasized on the importance of changing the mindsets of both men and women for equal growth. Stop setting expectations by gender.


8) “I have written this book to encourage women to dream big, forge a path through the obstacles, and achieve their full potential. I am hoping that each woman will set her own goals and reach for them with gusto. And I am hoping that each man will do his part to support women in the workplace and in the home also with gusto. As we start using the talents of the entire population, our institutions will be more productive, our homes will be happier and children growing in those homes will no longer be held by narrow stereotypes.”-This is a beautiful dream and I strongly pray for this dream to come true by next generation.

I am grateful to Sheryl Sandberg for writing this book as it has given me a new vision for myself and with what mindset I will be raising my kids. Cheers to womanhood!

Charu Mehrotra

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