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Importance of Focusing on What is Important

We are powerful, we are resilient, we have everything to fulfil our dreams!

Every morning many people across the globe are affirming the positive attributes they are having and promising themselves to carry a positive mindset throughout the day.

It is true friends that every individual is blessed with amazing powers but she can use it only if she is having the right knowledge and right mindset. Otherwise preconditioning did by the society will never let him achieve his or her dreams.

You start your day; you look around the media, majority-reporting negativity, sometimes you have to think twice if you are reading true news or a fake one.

You watch a news channel, full of discussions who is supposed to speak why, why the particular politician behaved that way, which country is slowing down, and above all-natural disasters are creating panic across the whole world.

Half of our positivity vanishes in some minutes!

You reach the workplace, senior management talking about the bad performance in the last quarter, cost-cutting will be the main agenda, you are in terror for the security of your job (or your spouse’s job if you are not in the job), no chance of positivity.

You check around your home, you see what you are supposed to buy, which dress or gadget you should be targeting or you are after your kids to run in the mad rat race.

You are completely lost!

You completely forget that you are born with all skills, good health and uniqueness within you to excel in life!

What to do now!!

The only solution is to have faith in yourself, like how beautifully the author of the best-selling book ‘Alchemist’ Paul Coelho explains that everything is within you. You have to awaken the authentic you who is living every moment with mindfulness about positivity, thinking about solutions to every challenge and above all taking action instead of wasting energy in highlighting what is missing and giving opinion what should be done. It is abundance around us. We have better opportunities. Technology-wise we are much advanced than the previous era. Instead of spending time reading the negative news, use that time to become fit and healthy. Your family will be grateful to you especially when you become old!

Life is beautiful I strongly believe and it should be used to build up a lovely story where you are the main character who believed in oneself and lived every moment in present creating precious memories connecting with his tribe with love and compassion.

Let Excellence be your Brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines

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