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Are you looking for amazing ways to increase productivity in work?

Mindfulness and productivity, these are the buzzwords in the present times. It can be the most useful tools for womenfolk as it can boost their multitasking ability.

Any woman, professional, entrepreneur, the homemaker can get the benefit from the correct usage of mindfulness and use it to enhance her productivity in work and her daily routine. We need mindfulness while working, dealing with family, we need to be mindful while managing ourselves, we need mindfulness while cooking too:).
My list has helped me a lot-

1. Break down to do list in subparts-

Normally we list out the whole big list and thus we get burdened with the no of ticks we have to make. If we can divide our list systematically, what time we will be doing which task, it will certainly take away the pressure and help us doing focused work on the present task.

2. Follow a day planner-

Womenlines offers a free download of ‘Day Planner of Excellence’ on its subscription. This planner can help to begin your day with right mindset as it makes you do certain tasks in the early morning which can help you to get into the right mindset for the day. Download it now to check it out.

3. Engage in creative activities over weekends-
Weekend time should be used to engage your mind to do creative stuff to destress yourself. Join dance classes, engage in some artwork or craft work with your kids, engage in some sports activity.

The ultimate aim is to constantly be aware of yourself and planning your time mindfully. Please do share what ways you follow to be mindful and increase your productivity?

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women

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