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Influencer Jahnavi Katti presents Social Branding Series -1

Womenlines is delighted to have Jahnavi Katti, founder of training company ‘Keykonnecct’ and host of YouTube show ‘Story2Satori’ as Social Branding and Success Mindset  Influencer at Womenlines. Jahnavi is having 20 years of experience in coaching and training and now she wants to share her knowledge across the globe. Jahnavi is sharing her knowledge with Womenlines readers through her Social Branding Series…


When I was eighteen I read a Chinese proverb “Good intentions are not enough”.It took me a long time to understand the meaning of the words utterly “Be Yourself” is like “follow your bliss” these words are like gems that fall under the category of well-intentioned but infuriating Its meant to inspire you but it makes you think how unclear you are about your path in life It may mean, it’s hard to figure out what you want, don’t get stressed, just go with the flow, do what you love and the money will follow. But do you know what’s that something which is just outside your reach and you can’t figure out what it is that will give you the bliss? If someone tells you to do something that you like and you can’t remember a single thing you like.If someone says you will be happy if you do what you like and if you do what interests you then you will be good at it and if you are good at it then you will make money. You want nothing more than to be successful!

You want to be a girl boss have girl power. You want to be more than just a mediocre person, you want to hustle hard You want to follow your dreams provided you knew where your dreams were! Now you can do some soul searching, find out what you are really jealous of , what do you want that your friends have, have you heard your own Story what is it that you have secretly hidden deep within the crevices of your mind, let’s unearth the treasure house. Our Story is there to teach us some great lessons, so tell me how you can get out of your own way by trusting your own crazy ideas.

You deserve to have everything that you think you want no matter how much ridiculous you may think it is for you to have it. We will make sure you admit to yourself what you want, however difficult it may be for you to do it and you will learn to handle your fear and start taking baby steps to take actions however small they may be. We will set the ball rolling, you will definitely get results but first, you must identify that you cannot get the results doing the same things you have been doing all these days. You must identify something tangible may be a specific amount of money, a job, a relationship a particular lifestyle to achieve results. Specificity is the Key! I will teach you a process where you can work with your ego if it comes in the way of breaking down your exact want, which should really be what you want and not what you think you should want.

Email me at jaahnavikatti@gmail.com Do the scary thing, take the risk I want to hear about what you want, let’s discuss about your dreams, tell me your Story!!

Jahnavi Katti


Social Branding and Success Mindset Influencer

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