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Fran Allen Supporting Building Young Entrepreneurs (BYE) Campaign- Nigeria

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Womenlines takes pleasure to share about a powerful campaign in Nigeria named ‘Building Young Entrepreneurs(BYE)’. Founder Bright Oloyo, Motivational speaker, Business consultant, mentor, career coach and C.E.O of Black Pride Multipurpose Company, with a collection of seasoned Entrepreneurs from around the world are embarking on a rescue mission “Building Young Entrepreneurs” across Nigeria, Africa’s most populous black nation. This campaign is based on the theme ‘Steering  Young  Minds Towards Entrepreneurship and  Good  Leadership.’ Considered to be the biggest campaign running over 1000 schools across Nigeria. Motivational speaker and CEO of Self Development Success Fran Allen is sharing with Womenlines why she has decided to support BYE campaign-

Using my life experiences to mentor, guide, direct and up-lift others has been the hallmark of my life. I don’t believe that we go through any of the experiences of our lives for no reason. From the beginning to the end – our lives have meaning and purpose – whether we know or believe it. I was taught as a child by my shero’s (Frances Kelley, Mother; Belle Kelley, Grandmother; and Alfie Kelley, Aunt), that nothing was impossible for me if I wanted it bad enough and was willing to do the work necessary to achieve my goal. I lived my life by this belief and passed the same to my children. 

As the years have passed I have shared this belief with all the young people I have had the honour to mentor and advise. While their names are too many to recall, they know who they are and that they all hold a special place in my heart!  Now I have decided to open this same desire to help and commitment to pour into the children of Nigeria, through the BYE Campaign. I know in the depths of my soul that these deserving children have immeasurable potential, skills and talents. It is my express intention to inspire them to search for their own greatness and work to develop it into the powerful contribution to their families, communities, nation and the world that they and only they possess. 

This is my generational investment for securing the stability of humanity moving forward and past my time on this earth. 

We all can do something. This is my something. It’s GO TIME!!!


Fran Allen

CEO of Self  Development Success

Your support and contributions to the “Building Young Entrepreneurs” (BYE) campaign will go a long way in transforming the lives and future of a large number of Nigerian youths.

To support: visit www.bye.com.ng/donation to purchase an SDS e-book or make a donation.

Together, we can build a brighter future for the Nigerian child, and we must.


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