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International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum (IYLIF 2018)

International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum (IYLIF 2018) is the not-to-miss event for every student, parent and teacher this year. This is your chance to influence the future of education.

Do education systems do a good job of making children future ready? How will you prepare today’s students for a future where marks will have less priority, where man and machine will work together?

What are the challenges and aspirations of Gen Z’s? Hear it from them, teachers, industry experts and thought leaders. International Youth Ambassadors, educators, experts and parents from various cities around the world are coming together to discuss today’s students and their future at IYLIF 2018. Be a part of it. Are you a student, parent, teacher or a person interested in the future of education and youth development? We are giving you a complimentary seat. Get it at www.iylif2018.eventbrite.com. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments provided.’

International Youth Ambassadors, experts and educators from 10 countries spoke at IYLIF 2017. It was organised at Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore.

Gen Z is the truly digital generation. In that generation, many of the challenges are universal. In this forum, you will go beyond the borders of nations, cultures and systems to interact with global youth, share ideas, collaborate on them and get inspired to make a difference. For details on IYLIF, visit www.iylif.com/iylif2018.

Speakers at IYLIF 2018

Day 1 – 23 Sep 2018: IYLIF 2018 Annual Conference

Join a distinguished panel of speakers and International Youth Ambassadors to learn, share and discuss. This is your chance to make an influence in the future of education and youth

Day 2 – 24 Sep 2018: IYLIF 2018 Annual Workshop series for Students

Day 2 – 24 Sep 2018: IYLIF 2018 Annual Workshop series for Teachers

Workshops for teachers on 24 Sep 2018

1. How to implement a growth mindset in the classroom so that you can make a difference

2. Storytelling in senior classrooms

Workshops for students on 24 Sep 2018

1. Growth Mindset Workshop

2. Design Thinking Workshop

3. Values and value games to use in classrooms

Get inspired, motivated, provoked and empowered

Pre-registration is a must. Register now at www.iylif2018.eventbrite.com

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