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Its all about being a women!

It matters to me!

At times I find being a woman is not an easy job and definitely not to mention to be an Ideal woman. I wonder where those ideal women reside who perform all roles of being a wife, a mother, an employee, a daughter and a DIL, sister, friend and so many not to mention, with perfection. Will really love to meet one if she really exists in today’s  complex world!

World in which we are living today is though a blessing for today’s women. I am not talking about women liberation or equal right distribution for women in our society. I want to focus on the multitudes of spheres in one life where women have to focus and work upon. As technology is making our life easy we are having other constraints to manage our lives in an orderly fashion. In the whole world around women issues start from the talk about being financially independent, she studies hard, builds a space for herself in society and gets married and becomes responsible for the welfare of the new family she has entered.Then starts her life managing herself, her office, her husband, her family and going forward kids come in picture.

It’s the matter of justifying all roles together.As an ideal woman, she should be a great cook who can prepare awesome lunch boxes, dinner, and snacks for the family. As an employee, she should be giving her best performance in office, prepare all reports timely, prepare excellent presentations and above all reply to all her emails…..wink wink:)! As a DIL  she should be taking care of her in-laws, respect them, follow all family rituals, fasts, attend all function and entertain all guests with perfection. As a mother she should be always playful, ready for arguments, should always listen to her kid and spend quality time with him.Then as a friend, she should spend take out time for her friend, go for outings, shopping, movie time, invite for dinners, and much more. And mind you all roles have to be delivered in 24 hrs duration.

Hey, I forgot to mention the role of being herself. As an individual, she should be spending time with herself, take care of her health, body, exercise, eat healthy food, watch her favorite shows and movie, meditate, go to spas and lots more.

Is this job easy?I wonder!

But I enjoy being women.There is so much to do. Let’s not focus on ideal clause for being a woman then you won’t be under stress and enjoy your womanhood more. Its all about time management which we learn slowly by practice. Its also about taking one step at a time and multitasking those steps together. Balancing can only be achieved with a calmer mind so every woman on this earth should exercise and meditate to discover herself. Think of at least 15 mins my time in whole day schedule where u do something for just your own happiness and I think it can do wonders in any women life.

I strongly believe that any family’s happiness lies in the happiness if the lady of the house. If she is not happy, unwell, frustrated then side effects start appearing on the whole family. If we love our family then we have to take care of ourselves and start trying to find ways to make ourselves happy.

So cheer up my fellow women, don’t stress yourself to be an ideal woman. Have a vision for yourself and multitask allyour roles with perfection!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!









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