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Kids Video Show -A source of knowledge for kids on youtube

The Internet is a big world of knowledge as well as games and entertainment for children!

Every parent has concerns over constructive usage of internet by their kids. They themselves are not aware of what to show to their kids so that their time can be used constructively. Superaudio has come with the solution Kids Video Show, which is a source of series of animated educational content which makes learning facts about health, geography, science and general knowledge easy and fun.

Kids Video Show is a product of Super Audio (Madras). Founded in 1980 by Mr. Navin Daswani, Super Audio’s array of Audio and Video titles range from the richness of classical vocals to vibrant Vedic chants, from melodious pop to today’s new age music and of course kids educational videos. The first series of videos are the Tell me Why series.Tell me How Series will be launched in next step.

There’s no doubt that our children are our future and it’s our responsibility as parents to give them the best possible learning experience we can. But who says learning has to be boring? Fun element helps in enhancement of understanding in a learning process. Children remember easily and in lesser time if we give them a fun-filled platform. Instead of using internet time in playing games or surfing just like that children can go through these series of video and get answers to interesting questions. This will also help in creating interest for science in them.

It is created and compiled by psychologists and experts in the field of child-rearing and education. It ensures that your child grasps the fundamental principles of how things work in an easy to understand format. The series is guided by professor turtle and his friends as they embark on many Tell Me Why and Tell me How adventures.

The objective is to make education a fun experience for students and continuously work towards providing such content to children around the world.The targeted age group is from 3 years to 12 years.

Womenlines is proud to share about this video series and requests all parents to show this series to their kids.This content is up on YouTube to make it accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/kidsvideoshow

Website Address: http://kidsvideoshow.com/

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