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Lady who is in love with her musical journey: Godha

Womenlines is proud to present Women of Substance Ms. KV Godha, Founder-Shubharaagam School Of Music, having 18 years of experience in the field of music. Here is the excerpt from her interview-

1.Please share with our readers a little bit about yourself?
I am a Graduate in Dietetics from the University of Madras and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Married to a very supportive husband Sowmithri and a mother of two lovely boys Tejas & Surup. Music & Interior designing have been my passion. Loves to be cheerful, creative and always enjoy the company of optimistic people.

2.So when did you venture into this field? And what inspired or motivated you to take a plunge into this venture?

I started my music performances in 1993. I was performing in youth programs in AIR Chennai, both Light & South Indian Classical Music (Carnatic). I came to Singapore in 1995 and from 1996, I joined Singapore Indian Orchestra & Choir – People’s Association. Through this, I got many opportunities to perform in several prestigious National and International Festivals. I also started performing vocal Solo concerts in Local Music festivals & temples. As a Music teacher in an esteemed Indian International School, I learned about various genres of music. I also realized people were interested in learning Carnatic Music but wanted classes closer to their homes. This urged me to take PA Trainer’s Licence. All these motivated me to take Music as my full-time profession. This lead to the Birth of my own Music School – Shubharaagam School Of Music, Singapore in 2011.

3.Can you share with us, some of the challenges you faced during your initial days?
Not having a degree in Music, it was first important to make people understand that I was proficient enough to teach good music. Getting chances to perform was not easy too. But through supportive contacts, I started getting chances to judge National Level Music competitions, do Artistic Directions for various shows, a few television projects through which I gained good recognition as a musician.

4. So how do you balance your personal and professional life?

When you are in performing arts, most of the performances & Festivals happen during weekends when you really need to spend the quality time with your family. During the weekdays I teach in the evenings at various CC’s and weekend I work only on Saturdays. On Sundays, I try my best to spend time with my family. But all this would not be possible without the immense support and encouragement I receive from my husband and my kids at home.

5.What would you suggest to other aspiring women who want to venture out on their own?
Every woman has a talent. Just having talent is not enough. You should share it with your family first. Then once family understands your value, I am sure they are there to encourage and support you to venture into your field of passion. Look for the niche around you and you ‘Must’ believe in yourself. Now it’s time to take that very “First” step. And remember, “Dedication” is the Key to Success!

6.Is there any person who has mentored/supported/inspired you?

My first support is my husband. I would like to thank him and appreciate him for all the support given to me all these years. The other one person whom I would like to show my gratitude and thanks is Mrs. Lalitha Vaidyanathan, Resident conductor of PA’s SIOC, who has supported me from the time I am in Singapore and of course my loved ones and friends.

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