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A Leadership Agility Coach Developing Agility Mindset Across the Globe- Yeo Chuen Chuen

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Leadership Agility Coach Yeo Chuen Chuen as an Influencer at Womenlines panel. She will be sharing incredible content every month with Womenlines’ readers, which can help them to develop agility mindset. Listen to her interesting journey in her own words in the video above!!

Yeo Chuen Chuen is a multiple award-winning executive coach based in Singapore working with clients in both government and private sectors. She has served clients from more than 30 countries across 5 continents since 2013. She has extensive experience working with a wide range of business leaders from various industries, coaching them to develop the agility mindset. This empowers them to be agile which in turns enables business success in the VUCA world. 

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Her coaching effectiveness is proven with her long-term relationship with returning clients, referrals and highly satisfied clients. As one of her clients said about their work together, “Chuen Chuen’s program is the only one leaders need to do.” 

Yeo Chuen Chuen was named one of “Asia’s most talented coaching leaders” in 2019 and again named “Top 101 Global Coaching Leaders” and “Women Super Achiever” in 2020. She is also an author and her book, 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility, is a collection of stories of transformation using her Re4 TM coaching model which she has developed.

Prior to becoming a coach, Yeo Chuen Chuen led the training and communications in a global franchise with a presence in 20 different markets and implemented many large-scale changes across organisations.

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