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10.5 Reasons Why You Should Write A Book

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Sindu Sreebhavan as a guest Influencer at Womenlines panel. Sindu Sreebhavan is a Growth Mindset Consultant and Content Developer, a Design Thinking consultant and the CEO of As Many Minds. Sindu is the founder of the International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (IYLIF). She is also the founding editor of The Kidz Parade magazine – a publication that helps children develop a growth mindset and showcase their creativity. She is the author of Infinite Possibilities , 77 Thoughts to Kickstart Your Day and the lead author of Breakthrough. Sindu is sharing inspiring information reasoning out that why you should take out time to write a book-

There is a Book Inside Every Person- Change your tag from Aspiring Author to Published Author

I often come across many people who talk about their aspirations to write a book. In my experience, eight out of ten people want to write a book. Ask them after a few months or even years, most of them would say, “I am still finalizing the topic”, “I am working on the first chapter” or “I am waiting for the right time to start writing.” Sadly, almost 90% of aspiring authors do not become published authors, they remain aspiring authors. Are you one among them?

I believe there is a book inside every person, if not more.

From my experience in writing, publishing and coaching book writing, there are many reasons why aspiring authors do not become published authors. Their thought process goes in the following lines:

  1. “Who am I to write a book?”
  2. “My message is very generic, many people write on the same topic.”
  3. “My message is not valuable enough”
  4. “I am not qualified enough to write on this topic.”
  5. “I don’t know how to organize my thoughts for a book.”
  6. “I don’t know how to find enough content for a book.”
  7. “I am not a writer.” 
  8. “I don’t have enough time to write a book.”
  9. “I’m not good in language.”
  10. “Is all the effort and money really worth it?”

What you read above is just a fraction of the reasons people usually have for not writing their book. Are these valid reasons? It is true that these are reasons that many people find very valid. However, if you want to change your tag from “aspiring author” to “published author”, you need a simple shift in perspective.

Firstly, these are not valid reasons for not writing your book. These are your limiting thoughts.

There is no benefit in letting your limiting beliefs limit your potential and growth as an author.

Secondly, even established and successful authors were challenged by these fears. They went ahead to write and publish their books beating their limiting beliefs. Before I wrote my books, I was also chained down by my limiting beliefs.

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Now, let us take a look at what aspiring authors are missing as they hide behind their limiting beliefs. As a published author, you can look forward to these benefits.

1.    Your book can help you build and boost your brand

You can add the tag of “author” on your brand, which is always valuable. You can also use your book as a marketing tool for your brand. You will be searchable based on your name and book title on the World Wide Web – another way to expand your online presence.

People build their own brand whether they are employees or entrepreneurs. Today, employers are looking for people who are more than their job profile.

2.    Your book will help you establish yourself as an expert on the topic

People give more value to your expertise when they know you are an expert on the topic. In the knowledge economy, your book serves as a preview of what you could offer to people. As Manoj Vasudevan says, “Author is authority.” A book can tremendously help you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

3.    Your book will help you share your message with a large number of people

Your message matters. People have access to a lot of information. What they lack is the know-how on how to apply it in their lives. You will be able to give your unique perspective on how they can apply the knowledge in their lives, which will be transformative to many people. A book is a tool to talk to a large number of people. If you don’t, who else will share your opinion? 

4.    Your book will leave your legacy

A book is your contribution to the world that will last beyond your lifetime.

5.    Your book will help you get ahead of your competitors in grabbing opportunities

With your book, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. Being an author with a unique view is your opportunity to stand out, especially when there are many others who work in the same field.

6.    Your book will fetch invites for you to speak

Conference organisers will have more confidence in you and in promoting yourself as a speaker when you are an author.

7.    Your book will help you with one more stream of income

Your book not only provides you with additional income but also opens up opportunities to create more products and services out of it. 

8.    A book is a gateway to many products and services

Many people convert their books into games, Apps and cartoons. Many establish training programs, coaching businesses and Podcasts based on the book.

9.    You can generate quality followers with your book

People who like your book will become your ardent followers and would be willing to buy more from you. The difference between these followers and others is that they are quality followers looking for quality content, products and services in your niche.

10.    Writing a book will boost your self-awareness and self-confidence

Writing a book provides you with more insights into your knowledge, your abilities, your learning potential, your resilience and your growth mindset. 

10.5    Last but not the least, you won’t regret not trying

Enjoy the kick from ticking off ‘become an author’ from your bucket list.

The year is still fresh. You can still include your book as one of the goals for this year. In today’s connected world, you can get help from any corner of the world to make your book a reality. 

The right time to write a book is when you tell yourself, I can’t simply continue to be an aspiring author.

Once you give yourself permission to write, your ideas will coax you to find the time.

What if I tell you it is possible to finish writing your book in two weeks? Yes, it is the decision making that takes time, not the timing itself. The bridge from “aspiring author” to “published author” is the commitment to dedicate two weeks.

Do you need help to write or publish your book? Take a look at www.asmanyminds.com/publishing

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