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Leadership Demystified Women Entrepreneur Segment Podcast 1-Leadership Journey Renuka Arora Bhagat

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Leadership Demystified is a podcast series where leaders from different industries discuss the most recent leadership trends around the world. The podcast is Co-hosted by Leadership Coach Puja Talesara, who is mentored by John Mattone (coach for late Steve Jobs) and Ixchel.life. Leadership Demystified team is glad to start  ‘Women Entrepreneur Segment’. They are delighted to introduce Renuka Arora Bhagat as the first speaker of the series.


Renuka Arora Bhagat excels in her dual career choice with ease & has inspired people in her leadership journey. She is an astute HR professional & also the founder of only Bollywood radio in Singapore, Radio Masti. Renuka believes in “When life puts you in the tough situation, don’t say why me, just say try me ” Today, she is sought after, revered professional & inspiration to many people.

She believes it is important to-

1. Be focussed rather than fixated.

2. Practise proactive communication than reactive communication.

3. Build bridges rather than wall through our communication and gesture

Renuka Arora Bhagat leadership`s journey is an epitome of “When you have clarity of intention the universe conspires with you to make it happen” Listen to her journey to hear how she carved her Entrepreneur journey from her hobby?? How she strikes a work-life balance with dual career role?  

Curators Ixchel.Life Puja Talesara Global Goodwill Ambassador GGA Thought enablers Hardik Lashkari Subi Nanthivarman Ross Swan Dr Vanditaa Dar Media collaborator Human Capital

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