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Lean in Circle ‘Conscious Women in Leadership’- Awakening the Leaders within Womenfolk in Singapore

Lean in is an organization known for its mission to help women achieve their ambitions and circles created under Lean in are doing amazing work in helping like-minded women gathering together once a month and giving a helping hand to each other to excel in their field!

Conscious women in leadership (CWL) is a Lean in Circle in Singapore which was started by Sunitha Mannatil. Womenlines had an amazing experience attending Feb Meet of CWL where Leadership Coach Puja Talesara conducted a stimulating workshop ‘Unleashing the power within you’. In the workshop, she explained the circle of priority and how we can structure our lives and evaluate how we are doing in each category versus where we intended to be and how to get there. This workshop helped the participants understand themselves better so they can aim to not to settle for an ordinary life when they can create an extraordinary one.

The synergy of the meet was amazing as the discussions were really close to heart that how much necessary it is to get mindful about where we are going in our life. Sharing, interacting, expressing help in opening the circle member’s mindset and when they come to know how others are going through their journey they learn a lot from each other.

After having such an awesome experience it was a must for Womenlines to ask Sunitha to share her journey creating this circle. In her own words here it goes-


Founders- Conscious Women in Leadership

How did CWL start :

Last year was the beginning of lots of firsts for me, I had the chance to attend a Lean In event which was hosted in our office and this event gave me an opportunity to connect and network with women and provided a platform to have strong support groups to inspire other women to move into leadership roles and navigate the corporate world and find our own footing.

Conscious women in leadership was born out of my own personal journey of evaluating my life and moving into a space of living consciously and getting really clear about my life purpose and vision. A chance discussion during a walk by the beach with my yoga teacher Priti Sanghavi birthed the idea of starting a circle within LeanIn that was dedicated to raise the consciousness of women and how this can result in women stepping into their own power and influencing the world around them in the most positive and profound way including our corporate roles.

And, as if by serendipity I met Aishwarya Bandla in one of the Lean in events in which I shared my thoughts around the importance of having a strong network of mentors and support group to learn and grow.

3 of us came together to nurture this group and we put in time and effort to crystallize the vision for this group and how we would take this forward and make it something worthwhile, tangible and impactful.

Defining the Why?

  • This circle is for women who are stepping into their own power and are on a journey to become more conscious, self-aware and are actively investing time and energy to grow themselves and unleash their true potential.
  • Conscious women can bring in trans-formative leadership into organizations and lead teams that are driven by purpose, empowerment and inspiration which will result in collective and sustainable growth.
  • Building a community for women who want to make a positive impact at the workplace and society to come together to support and learn from each other and also nurture the next generation leaders in our organisations and homes.

Once we were clear on the why we then started working on topics that are important to address and also created a framework whereby we have tangible tools to help support the learning and growth of the group members.

We kicked off in Oct 2018 with firstly introducing the group, the vision and the purpose and we opened the forum to discuss some of the key challenges we face as a leader at our workplace? Are we investing enough to learn and grow and face the challenges of life as we move into senior leadership roles? Do we as women find it difficult to manage our time and energy navigating the demands of work and home? What is important to become the best version of yourself, Self-awareness, Disciplined approach to personal growth and learning, Rituals and routines to declutter and unwind.

Our next topic was on “Mindful Decluttering’ and how being more mindful of what we allow to co-exist in our physical, emotional and mental environments affects our wellbeing.

We then kicked off the new year with a very interesting topic “ How do we kick start how journey as conscious women” where we discussed the actions we can start executing in our lives that will move us more closer to living a conscious and well-balanced life.

We have had a very committed bunch of women who turn up to all our events and that’s really encouraging and inspiring and it keep us motivated to try and create new content and share with the group.

We see a lot of potential for a group like this to inspire women to step into their power and lead a much more conscious and fulfilling life and as women get more aware and conscious we have the power to influence our communities, our societies and our generations to come and it’s about time women realise this immense power they hold within and unleash this in the most productive and profound manner to push humanity forward in a sustainable way.



Priti Sanghavi, Aishwarya Bandla and Sunitha M.K

Click ‘Register‘ to become a member of the CWL group!


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