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Let Go of Performance Perfection

Womenlines welcomes Anji Hallewell as an Influencer of Positive Mindset on the Womenlines panel. Anji is a Natural Strengths Coach, Trainer, and Founder of Hidden Lava.  In her article for this month, Anji is sharing tips on how to keep your authentic self real in life-

How high is your bar? People set such high bars for themselves, that they can never reach them. Are you one of them?

In pausing and thinking about that for a moment, who is that bar for? Are you proving something to yourself or someone else? When you strive for something that can’t be reached, how does that make yourself feel?

The trick is to show compassion on yourself and allow yourself to drop the perfection.  I mean, what is perfection anyway, other than a made up subjective mental construct? So, produce your version of things!  Manifest your unique relationship, presentation style or way of being. No one is scoring you other than yourself, so you might as well get rid of the clipboard now!

When you are not being real, you feel like you are pretending to be something that you are not, and it doesn’t feel right. The more you continue to do it, the more you move away from your true self.

Here are 4 things you can start doing to keep it real.  The more you listen and follow it the more in sync you will feel-


1. Turn Inwards

Switch off the external and internal noise through mindfulness, meditation or yoga. There is a good reason why these ancient practices are still in our lives today – they work!

Things will be much clearer afterwards as to what is reasonable and good enough.

2. Crank up the Good Vibes

Dancing, singing or making music are great ways to shake off any internal pressure. It’s an excellent way to instantly shedding any negative tension you may feel, especially when you do it like no one is watching!

There’s nothing like injecting a bit of lightness to let go of the seriousness of perfection.  

3. Ground yourself

Get out into nature; there is something very humbling about it. Whether it is a hike, a walk in the park or climbing a mountain use it to clear your mind so you can centre yourself.

It’s easier to see what you need to let go of from that space, as the truth shines through.

 4. Invest in yourself

You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money straight off the mark. There is a ton of free content available; just find what resonates with you.


Perfection is a disguise for insecurity, there is something deeper underneath it that you need to flush out, so it doesn’t control you and the best you can emerge.

Anji Hallewell

Coach, Trainer & Founder

+65 8408 5042

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