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Tarot Reading For All Zodiacs- February 2019

Online Tarot Reading for February 2019, for all the zodiac signs

Womenlines brings tarot readings to its readers’ by an experienced online tarot cards reader Ms Madhvi Singh from India. Ms Madhvi Singh, needing some answers herself, decided to understand the science of Tarot a few years back. At the end of it, she not only got her answers but her perspective to life changed, to encompass empathy with people who she came in touch with. As she exercised her Tarot reading skills for her friends, relatives and herself, word got around and soon she found many people needing support and advice to the immediate questions in their life.

Tarot reading comprises of intuition honed by experience and interpretation of each of the images with the collaborative energy of the person for whom the reading is done. The message for that person is channelled through the Tarot reader, whose skill and intuition helps crystallize the message and pass it on to the other person.

 Contact: +91 9867782674 to get your personal readings from Ms Madhvi!


Aries Tarot Feb 2019

Aries(Mar 21-Apr 19)

Career-Career will be amazing initially. You may meet someone new. Workload will be a lot, there may be some travelling on work.

Love-Things will be a little rocky at first. You may feel a little lonely for some time. There is a chance to meet a new partner. Some difficulties may come in your way.

Finance-You may face some finance related issues. You may face some recovery issues if you lend money. Think wisely before spending money.

Health-Health looks pink! Keep exercising well.



Taurus Tarot Predictions Feb 2019

Taurus(Apr 20-May 20)

Career-Career scene will be unchanged. Maintain good relations with everyone. New opportunity for partnerships may emerge.

Love-The stars are in your favour. Some of you may plan to get married. Consider everyone before taking next steps.

Finance-Outlook on finance is average, hence, be careful when investing.

Health-Health looks good. No need to worry, stay fit.



Gemini Tarot Prediction Feb 2019

Gemini(May 21-Jun 20)

Career-Career will be great. You may have some talks with someone about work. There could be a few delays.

Love-Relations will be healthy. You will try to strengthen them and keep your partner happy.

Finance– Financial situation looks fine. Progress will be slow in the beginning. Take financial advice from someone.

Health-Health will be good. Take care of yourself.




Cancer Tarot Predictions Feb 2019

Cancer(Jun 21- Jul 22)

Career-This is a good time to choose your career. Be careful, pending work may catch up with you.

Love-There will be new beginnings. Wedding proposals may come your way. You may enter into a relationship with someone.

Finance-This month is amazing financially. You will travel and enjoy. There will be happiness around you in terms of finance.

Health-Health looks good. No need to worry, stay fit.




Leo Tarot Predictions Feb 2019

Leo(Jul 23-Aug 22)

Career-Times are changing for good with respect to your career. You may find help directed your way.

Love– Be careful with your partner. Understand each other properly, and then take steps ahead.

Finance-There will be money related issues. If you look hard you may find a source for money.

Health-Take care of your health. Do yoga and meditate to stay fit.



Virgo(Aug 23-Sep 22)

Career– This month is not great for the career. Do not let someone dictate you at work. Stay focused on your work.

Love-Stars are not in your favour. An old love may find its way back to you. Be careful.

Finance-This month is good for finance. You may get some financial help from family. Property may be purchased.

Health-Health will be good. You will stay in touch with your friends. You will be surrounded with happiness.



Libra Tarot Predictions Feb 2019

Libra(Sep 23-Oct 22)

Career-Some confusions regarding career may continue. Family business will progress well. Some earlier job/business may make a comeback.

Love-Avoid misunderstandings and urges to dominate your partner. Be understanding.

Finance-Average month for Finance. Curb excessive spending. Take advice before investing.

Health-Some concerns may arise regarding health. Take care and consult a doctor rather than self medication.





Scorpio Tarot Predictions Feb 2019

Scorpio(Oct 23-Nov 21)

Career-Beginning of the month may be slow. Some changes were seen in career, maybe with assistance from someone.

Love-May meets someone from the past. Keep emotions in check. But do keep in touch and mix with everyone.

Finance-While some concerns are seen on the Finance front, some avenue may open up for good news on finance.

Health-Take care, be happy. No need to broadcast secrets. Keep calm.





Sagittarius Tarot Predictions Feb 2019

Sagittarius(Nov 22-Dec 21)

Career-Could face a lot of competition. Do take advice before finalising any options. Best to wait it out.

Love-Love is good to have, do not consider it a burden. Maintain a good relationship with mutual understanding and stay connected.

Finance-Do not have raised expectations. Take care of your money.

Health-Do not over think. Stay calm and happy.





Capricorn Tarot Predictions Feb 2019

Capricorn(Dec 22-Jan 19)

Career– This month is very good on the career front. Hopes will be realised. Good opportunities for a positive change.

Love-Stay connected with your partner. Do not nitpick; stay in a good mood.

Finance-Some ups and downs are foreseen this month. Avoid arguments. But still, there could be new partnerships.

Health-Take care and travel around. Enjoy and be happy.




Aquarius(Jan 20-Feb 18)

Career-Will be an average month for the career. There could be some despondency regarding work. May meet someone regarding work. Do not have high hopes.

Love-Tread carefully. Avoid spats with your partner. Some bouts of loneliness foreseen.

Finance– An average month for Finance. Efforts will not be rewarded. Stay calm.

Health-Health is good. Do not let stress get to you. Meditation will help you to stay calm.



 Pisces(Feb 19-Mar 20)

Career-Beginning of the month will see some concerns. Worries will disappear after that and with efforts things will be as you would like.

Love-Someone new may enter your life. Take care before going ahead.

Finance-Some windfall gains seen. Listen to your heart and do not depend on others.

Health-Take care of your health. If you do not feel well do consult a doctor.






Tarot Reader: Ms.Madhvi Singh

Mobile : 91-98677 82674

E-mail : madhvi_s@hotmail.com

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