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LinkedIn for a Woman- Online Campaign to Empower Women Across the Globe

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‘LinkedIn For A Woman’ is a Global movement started by Sam Alsrore!

‘LinkedIn For A Woman’ is for leaders both in-home and in-office. This online campaign is from 30th May to 30th June. International speakers and organisations are invited from across the globe.

MS Suchi, Conference Speaker, Chair Person, Asia GGA, Coach from Singapore is  working with renowned speakers and amazing Ambassadors- Lila Smith, Chantel Soumis,  Caroline Cares Fernandes,  Virginie Lemay-Vriesde,   Jerin Hossain, Juliet Herman, Stella Da Silva, Harlien Man, Khushboo Nangalia, Prof (Dr) Ruby Bakshi Khurdi to create a global space for women of the world to learn and grow together.

In this Video along with Leadership Coach Puja Talesara and Founder- Online Magazine Womenlines- Charu Mehrotra, MS Suchi is sharing about how LinkedIn for a woman can be a powerful campaign across the globe.

#LinkedInForAWoman is a salute to all working mums and girls across LinkedIn. To empower, continue to network and raising a family is never an easy task. LinkedIn For A Woman is a community getting launching online today, to support girls and mums across India and globally.

The event (30th May Online) will accommodate three courses; Marketing Your Skills to add an extra income, Becoming a leader both in-home and in-office and Finding a Job on LinkedIn. Not only this, this is a community for every woman across LinkedIn to share their thoughts and situations personally and professionally.

Womenlines (, an online magazine promoting excellence in women, will be the digital media partner for this campaign.

From May 30th to June 15th, we are welcoming ten great leaders in-home and in-office to talk about everything.

This is a global community for women only, to share personal and professional stories.

Do Click Linkedin for a woman to be part of this incredible global movement!

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