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Refining Communication Across the World- Communication Coach Amy Carroll

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In the ‘Professional Expert of the Month’ section, Womenlines takes pleasure to share about Communication Coach from Switzerland Amy Carroll.

Amy leads programs worldwide working with multinationals, independently and in partnership with Pat Kirkland Leadership. More specifically, Amy coaches clients to become more dynamic, effective and candid communicators, developing their ability to influence others by creating powerful partnerships. Read in her own words and listen to her about her journey as a Communication Coach-

Q1. What challenges did you face when you started your journey as a communication coach?

In the beginning, I felt like an imposter because I didn’t fully believe I knew what I was doing. It was a matter of time and consistent experience/exposure to successful outcomes which built my confidence and melted away that feeling of being a fraud. I’ve since discovered that, at the start of a new career, many people have similar experiences of this ‘imposter’ syndrome. I have since embraced this feeling and know that it may appear from time to time whenever I embark on new adventures and challenges.

Q2. What according to you is the key to excelling in communication skills?

A willingness to change and the desire to communicate with respect for yourself and others.

Q3. What pitfalls does one need to avoid while communicating, is there a stark difference in professional and personal communication?

In my opinion, there’s not a significant difference between personal and professional communication. In fact, the more open and honest a person is willing to be, regardless of the relationship, the more trust they build. Pitfalls to avoid while communicating include the need to be right, the need to push our opinion and the resistance to listening to others especially when you disagree.

Q4. What are the shifts your coachees can look forward to while working with you?

Many of my coachees find themselves having big ‘Ah Ha’ moments regarding their behaviours or attitude, realising how they have unintentionally been sabotaging their relationships and results. Coachees have reported their ability to get more of what they want, more often, with less difficulty. They also notice an increase in their confidence, courage and joy!

Q5. Your source of inspiration?

I have two sources of inspiration. My desire is to contribute to world peace, helping people evolve their communication consciously by handling, dissipating and even eliminating conflict with the least amount of damage. My second source of inspiration is my sister Pat Kirkland for developing herself both personally and professionally and

creating a communication model: Predator, Prey, Partner®, that is teaching people to communicate greater respect for themselves and others.

Q6. What should our audience be looking out for from you for the next 5 months?

I’ll be running a 90-minute webinar on 21st June in conjunction with Leadership Demystified and Media partners Womenlines and Human Capital, introducing the ‘Predator, Prey, Partner® model’ (Leadership Demystified Webinars has requested Rs. 2500 for the Webinar. Please click on the link: https://p-y.tm/Ory-tsh to make payment. For other currency please connect). Visit Leadership Demystified Webinars https://www.facebook.com/groups/322250961835979/   to know details about the webinar.

In July I’m very excited to be launching my 2-day intensive program specifically for couples, which is modelled after my highly successful Leadership Presence training: Partner Your Partner https://www.carrollcoaching.com/partner-your-partner.
Additionally, I’ll be running my Leadership Presence course for leaders at all levels in London in October https://www.carrollcoaching.com/openprogram.

Womenlines wishes the best of luck and success to Amy Carroll!

To know more about Amy and her programs please visit her Website: www.carrollcoaching.com

 Podcasts: https://www.carrollcoaching.com/podcasts

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