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Linkedin Show ‘Create the Edge’ Episode- Life is a Connected Experience

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Connected Experience team at the Linkedin Show ‘Create the Edge’-

Team Connected Experience (Connected Experience is all about the space formed by a bunch of eclectic thought leaders who are Old-School Millennials. The team intends at presenting the experience, journey and thoughts of inspiring leaders, to enable the leap from ordinary to extraordinary while aligning body, mind and soul.) . Like  https://www.facebook.com/ConnectedExperience  to receive incredible motivating content and updates from leaders sharing their stories from across the world!!

Connected Experience team at Linkedin Show ‘Create the Edge’-

CreateTheEdge ~ Episode 68
Life is a Connected Experience

It is a pleasure for Joy Abdullah™ to welcome back on the show Educationist Kasthuri Gunasegaran, Life Coach MS. Suchi, Leadership Coach Puja Talesara & Womenlines Founder Charu Mehrotra with a new Guest Brand Strategist Saheb Youssef Bakhsh (Joseph).

How important is aligning The Mind, Body and Soul to Creating The Edge in your Personal and Professional Endeavours?

Are you focusing only on Strategy, Innovation, Sales and Revenue Growth?

Are you facing Burnout issues due to neglecting your own self?

5  professionals from Diverse Backgrounds, bring to you a conglomeration of thoughts and ideas which will synergise your experience through tapping into your own Inner Core, your Belief System and your Vision, Mission and Purpose

MS. Suchi discusses the importance of focusing your positive energy to your surroundings, by practising Emotional Mastery!

Charu Mehrotra shares how important it is to ensure the essence of your Branding Message is conveyed coherently using Digital Media!

Watch this space and stay tuned for more….

Is your Business not attracting the growth you targeted in the first half of this year? Speak with Joy and Saheb Youssef Baksh!

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