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Presence in present time-Mantra for success

Be present!

Yes friends, being fully present in the present time can be the real mantra of success. There are so many spheres in life where we as an individual have to continuously keep contributing to lead life successfully. Muti-tasking was considered an easy solution some time back, but it is not worth as it takes away the real impact of the activity carried by you. The objective in life should not just keep ticking off your to-do list. You have to analyze and absorb the impact you have created. You have to also check if your objective has been achieved or not?

For eg. you are conversing, be present emotionally, physically. Suppose you are playing with you child, be fully present.How it creates impact-you are having quality time with your child, you are able to enjoy yourself and have lovely memories as you are having a real feel and also you are happy.

Yes,  this gives you the real sense of life, real connection, and real feelings. Same goes for your work, your connections, your responsibilities. The multi-tasking activity has to be twisted with the addition of the element of full mindfull presence in the present activity.

I consider this can help us achieve more success and create more happiness in life!

Charu Mehrotra

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