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Mothering Today – Changes & Challenges



It’s not easy being a mother.  If it were easy, fathers would do it.  ~From the
television show The Golden Girls

Motherhood, though challenging phase,  is still a blessing to any woman. It has a humanizing effect on the mother and thus the child is blessed by her care and affection!


A few years back when the world of woman revolved around her family and home only, the period of motherhood was a very different experience compared to present one. In today’s time’s things have changed, women are playing various other roles too besides of homemaker.After having a baby when she gets back to work she has to be dependent upon extra help from either maids, daycare or support system in a family.So the real challenge which comes for any working mother is how to bond with her baby and provide and nurture her with motherly love and affection.


Few families in which parents of the couple are able to provide the support for some limited time find themselves really blessed.As parents are more experienced definitely they are going to take better care but sometimes clashes happen due to different ways of thinking about parenting.Then the challenge comes to make them understand the importance of their way of thinking and how it is going to benefit the baby.

Baby grows and crosses toddler stage, kid stage and then he enters that phase when his character has to be built and he has to learn about good eating habits. The challenge lies here for any mother, whether she is working or homemaker, to teach the importance of values like gratitude, honesty, and other moral values. Media and peer pressure have affected children to that limit that they have started considering their parents’ guidance as boring lectures only. When they see the glamour of media and how their friends enjoy certain things while hiding from their family, it becomes challenging for them to ignore it.

Families in today’s era is using all modern gadgets and that too is available separately for every member of the family. Whether it is Laptop, iPhone, Ipad, Game console, kids are aware of the gadget lingo and have the expertise to use it. The challenge lies here for any mother to how to allow the controlled usage of gadgets by kids and how to save them from the negative effect of using such gadgets.

Being a mother every woman wants best for her child and puts her very best efforts to give that atmosphere at home which can help in inculcating good habits in them.But the way society is changing mothering today is really becoming challenging!

Charu Mehrotra

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