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Naturopathy and Depression

Women Lines brings health section for benefit of  its readers. Every month one disease will be taken in consideration and  Ms Ketki Vinayachandra, a trained Naturopath in Singapore, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Iridologist will be sharing her opinion about the disease.Trained in Sydney, Australia and is registered with the Australian Body NHAA – National Herbalist Association of Australia – the only association that registers herbalists in Australia.

Q-How Naturopathy can help in control of Depression in  women?                                                      

Depression is a mood disorder where the individual feels sad or irritable, or experiences a general lack of enthusiasm in normal daily activities. If an overwhelming feeling of sadness persists, treatment is necessary as in severe cases, it may lead to suicidal thoughts.

Daily exercise increases the body’s natural production of endorphins, which naturally help improve the mood. Exercising outdoors is preferred, so that the individual can take in fresh air and sunlight. Sunlight helps one feel happy and also gives vit D.

In terms of nutrition, the body needs carbohydrates to manufacture serotonin – a happy hormone – good e.g. are dairy products, salmon and turkey. However one must careful not to take consume too much carbohydrates especially refined crabs.

Whole grains, dairy products, nuts, seeds, green leafy veggies are foods rich in calcium, magnesium and B vitamins help to maintain proper nutrient balance and help prevent depression.

There are also natural supplements to consider for treating depression e.g. St. John’s wort, but one must take supplements only under supervision as they can have potent effects. For instance St Johns wort interacts with many drugs so one must be very careful before taking it.

Aromatherapy may help in elevating moods , mental tension. Essential oils can be added to massage oils, bath water, put in a diffuser, or diluted and applied to the skin. Lavender is known to help elevate moods. Yoga therapy , Soft relaxing music and visualization therapy have also shown to help people with moods.  There are many avenues, and one has to see which is the best fit.


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