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Naturopathy and Osteoporosis!

Womenlines brings health section for benefit of its readers. Every month one disease will be taken in consideration and Ms Ketki Vinayachandra, a trained Naturopath in Singapore, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Iridologist will be sharing her opinion about the disease.Trained in Sydney, Australia and is registered with the Australian Body NHAA – National Herbalist Association of Australia – the only association that registers herbalists in Australia.

Q-How Naturopathy can help in control of Osteoporosis in women?            

As a Naturopath I would approach Osteoporosis wholistically, not causally. There are many factors to consider. Firstly, diet  must be reviewed to ensure that enough calcium is being consumed via food. Next one must consider if digestion is at its optimum because otherwise calcium may not be properly absorbed in the body. Digestion can be affected by inappropriate diet, diseases and especially stress. Stress has a big impact – long term chronic stress would actually release the hormone cortisol, which affects the absorption of calcium. Excessive salt in the diet and acidic diet would also affect the absorption of calcium in the body, or even deplete it further.  If there is not enough calcium, the body starts withdrawing calcium from the bones and you have the start of Osteoporosis. Lack of exercise , especially weight bearing excersises will further compromise the density of the bones, which actually starts to decrease as we start ageing, it can even start as early as from the age of 40.


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