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New Year Reflections!

Happy New Year to my lovely blog readers!


















As the new year starts and before mind starts focusing on goals and resolutions I want to reflect a little on the year which has passed and which has carried with it so many learning, sweet memories, laughter, joys, emotions and much more. I am full of so much gratitude to so many things throughout the year which has helped me to grow as a better person –

1. I am thankful to youtube for sharing such amazing contents on its channel, which has really helped me to gain great knowledge about so many topics, from finding guidance to teach my kid potty training:). Believe me, friends, you can find the solution of any problem live on youtube and this certainly can help you to improve upon yourself in all ways:)

2. I am grateful to platform TED talks which is a free platform for knowledge sharing. There is a tremendous amount of learning from experts on different topics ranging from science, technology, motivation and many other subjects. Entrepreneurs can gain so much knowledge by listening to various topics on TED, which really opens up the mind and benefits in taking the right action.

3. I am grateful to influencers on Linkedin for sharing their knowledge on topics related to various professions. I will strongly recommend women who are working from home to follow influencers in their work field. As, when we work from home we have to strive to keep grooming yourself, which is quite challenging when you work alone.

4. I am grateful to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp which has given amazing communication and content sharing approaches. This is helping in building up strong personal relationships and creating awareness about what’s happening in the world.

The entrepreneurial journey is all about mindfulness friends and mindful use of such platforms can really help in making this journey full of excitement and amazing learning. With proper focus, any woman can achieve whatever she wants. Start loving yourself and your time and you will take proper care of everybody, trust me:)!


Charu Mehrotra

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