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Six months digital journey of an online magazine in Singapore


Converting Womenlines blog to an online magazine in Singapore  (www.womenlines.com) where I can report about anything for promoting excellence in women was a dream come true. Six months ago I started this journey and I feel awesome today!

Reaching out to women entrepreneurs and taking their interviews under ‘Entrepreneur of the month section’. Reporting and marketing events which can help women to excel. Reporting about the products by writing reviews and sharing across. Soon women entrepreneurs can share advertorials about their products or services on Womenlines advertorial page and can get benefit from Womenlines reach out.

Womenlines, an online magazine in Singapore strongly believes that if a woman is empowered with the right knowledge she can create a beautiful life. .Womenlines subscription is free and on subscription, the subscriber receives a link of Day Planner For Excellence, which she can download and use every day to plan her day for excellence. With this vision, Womenlines magazine is reaching out to womenfolk across Singapore and India besides the organic reach out digitally across the whole world. Womenlines presence is on 7 social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, Pinterest and Linkedin. Every day success tips are shared across Womenlines social media to help womenfolk. And on youtube Womenlines Tv there are monthly episodes, Entrepreneur of the month’s interview and various other sharings.

I am so grateful to my Influencers Meenu Agarwal founder Food N Wellness, Success Coach Anji Halliwell founder Hidden Lava and Yoga expert Archana Amlapure, founder Ojas Yoga Singapore, for sharing their expert knowledge on health, yoga, nutrition, and mindset. Above all grateful to my guest contributors who in between keep sharing such amazing informative article.

If you are a women entrepreneur looking for marketing reach out for your product or service, share your ad in the advertorial category of Womenlines!

If you are dealing with a product (health, parenting, kids, green kitchen, beauty, etc), reach out to womenfolk through the product review section of Womenlines!

If you are having any event or workshop in Singapore which can help women or kids in some way reach out at contact@www.womenlines.com for your marketing campaigns!

Womenlines is by a woman and for women, with a mission of promoting excellence in women!

Cheers to womanhood!

Charu Mehrotra

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