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7 Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle To Achieve Your Health Goals

Womenlines Influencer for Yoga, Archana Amlapure is sharing  7 tips for a healthy lifestyle-

Do you want to have a healthy, happy and stress-free lifestyle to achieve your health goals?

But what are the major hurdles- our habits, sedentary lifestyle, Our eating habits, personal, professional and environmental stress, overthinking and many more. These all lead to the health issues sooner or later. When we go through the pain and managing the diseases, it’s too late to go back to the basic. But its never too late to start again as well.

Here are the 7 lifestyle habits everyone should follow, be it managing diseases or maintaining positive health-

1. Know your body better
Do regular health checkups and know your basic parameters are well within normal range e.g: BP, Sugar level, BMI, Cholesterol level, Pulse rate, Vitamin deficiency etc. Only YOU can know your body best. So, everyone should know these indicating parameters. BP, Sugar level etc. can be checked with measuring devices at home as well
2. Breathe
Prana, our basic life force. We take our breath for granted and never try to nourish and improve further. In fact, with stress, tension and anxiety we abuse it so much that our body forgets completely about Deep breathing. Deep Breathing and pranayama alone can solve most of the health issues. Read here more on Prana.

3. Yoganas
Being physically active with aerobics, gym, different kind of exercise program, running etc. is good, but if you really want the holistic healthy lifestyle, then you need to include Asanas/postures. As asanas are done on physical level also effects on pranic(breath) and mental level. Asanas help with better blood circulation to the body part involved, which means better oxygen supply. It works on muscles and strengthening them. Above all, it helps to gain energy every time you do Yoga (with relaxation techniques at the end of yoga) unlike in other exercises where you mainly loose energy. At least incorporate any form of Yoga for 2-3 days in a week

4. Meditation/Mindfulness/Pursuing passion, hobbies
Very often Meditation is related to spirituality. Not to complicate things, you can try to be mindful or meditate (concentrate, Chanting, devotional etc.) minimum 5 mins/day. This gives clarity in your mind, relaxes brain cells. If not, at minimum indulge yourself in some pleasurable activities, where you feel passionate about something like dance, singing, cooking, arts, sports etc. devoting yourself to your passion gives the effects of meditation during that period.

5. Slowing down/Pause
In order to achieve someone else’s goal or personal goal, we are constantly running, working hard, surviving competitions, but once in a while slowing down, taking pause helps and solves many issues in the life. When you stressed, PAUSE. When you are angry, PAUSE. When you are anxious, PAUSE. This will sort of many of the problems.
6. Diet
Today’s Era, too much is talked about diet. Diet changes need to be done as a preventive or curative plan for many health issues. But the key is to have balance, not too much or too less. Everyone is different, follow what your body takes and likes instead of following crazy fads.

7. Selfless activities
Spending time in Nature and if possible, alone time gives pure bliss. Spending time with loved ones, paying it forward, giving back, helping others gives unconditional happiness. Find out what would you like to do.

If you need any further for Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Contact Archana (81912862)
Insta: ojasyoga0704

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