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Parenting site-just for dads!

http://www.greatdad.com is a parenting site just for dads. Sounds interesting!

My all dear friends who are experiencing motherhood bliss must share this info with their husbands so that they can also learn something about parenting ways and contribute in parenting role in the better way. Times have changed and bringing up the child is no more a sole responsibility of mother only. As both parents work so both have to equally contribute to the parenting role. Therefore site like greatdad.com is really a blessing to all fathers who want to be really guided about their fatherhood role.

There are various sections on the site like books for parenting, naming your baby, toys available in the market for different age groups and others. There is a section where different aspects of sleeping patterns are discussed and the most popular one is Dad’s guide to get your baby sleep! Really its a challenging task for the new parents. So this article is there to guide you. There is a section called’ How to’ which deals with different activities to be carried with kids. For eg how to potty train your kid, or how to go camping with your kid. Dads have to really learn a lot in this field and remind you they are not alone. There are so many dads around. Therefore there is a forum to have discussions and blog section where parents can write about their feelings.

You can subscribe to the free newsletter of great dad to get regular info periodically. So dad’s get sets ready to explore the world of parenting with excitement and knowledge gained from greatdad.com. Keep going!

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