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Samantha Wong-woman who cares for woman!


Samantha Wong is the Chairman of Sengkang Woman Executive Committee, in Singapore.

Confident, pleasing, helpful, a woman with a big heart, Ms. Wong has dedicated herself to the work for women in the neighborhood Community Club.

Womenlines will love to report about Ms. Wong who is dedicated to her job to do goodwill for womenfolk around, through various activities and support of the Community Club.

She is a Singaporean and wholeheartedly she is putting up efforts to integrate immigrants into the local society by supporting various events like Dazzling Divas, new immigrants’ gathering, etc.    She is involved in community activities for last 20 years. She is very passionate about reaching out to new immigrants in Singapore and integrate them into the local society. Dazzling Divas, organized last year was one such event which was based on Bollywood songs and dance theme. Ms. Wong relates very easily with women of different races, this was quite visible in Dazzling Divas as she dressed in Indian attire, which helped in bringing comfort level between her and Indian group. This event helped to bring various immigrants, basically Indians and Singaporean ladies on one platform and have fun together. She herself enjoys meeting women from different races and motivates them to explore their things of interest. Ms. Wong has supported many ladies to start various interest groups like Dragon Boat group, book reading group, Fitness groups, Morning walk group and many others which help ladies to pursue and enjoy their hobbies with like-minded people.

In her 20 years span of experience in the community, she has seen various phases of its growth. She remembers, in early days it was difficult to outreach immigrants as they were the very close knitted group. She is grateful to the Community Club for supporting her through various grants and other help to organize different activities in the center. Some activities like helping out in the MP’s meet-the-people session every week and helping residents with their problems is really fruitful.

Ms. Wong wants to involve more women in the Community Club’s activities. She considers the Community Club as an excellent platform to carry out various activities of one’s interest. Ms. Azeeza Jalaludeen, member of Sengkang WEC is a big fan of Ms. Wong and she considers her to be a very good mentor who is very creative and innovative and who has different ideas for empowering women.

Hats off to Ms. Samantha Wong for her endeavor in the field of women empowerment and emancipation.

Charu Mehrotra

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