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Patent Specialist Pooja Bhatia Simplifying Technology Transfer Process and Innovation Management

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Patent Specialist Pooja Bhatia from India in the ‘Entrepreneur/Professional of the Week’ Show! Pooja is passionate about simplification of the technology transfer process and innovation management. A staunch supporter of women entrepreneurs and a recipient of Powerful Women in IP India 2021, Global Women in Leadership 2021, and runner-up to Women Power Impact Creator 2021. Listen to Pooja in the video above to know the secrets of her leadership, what helped her to climb the ladder of success.

Pooja Bhatia heads the Innovation-Technology Transfer Office (i-TTO) at the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT) which is a regional tech transfer office set up at FITT with support from the National Biopharma Mission, a joint project of the Government of India and World Bank.

Pooja has a unique experience of 15 years of professional experience in innovation management, technology transfer, marketing, strategic partnership, industry engagement and policy development. She holds an MBA degree in Technology Management and is a Certified Licensing Professional, Registered Technology Transfer Professional and a registered patent agent with the Indian Patent Office. Ms Bhatia has been included in the list of Powerful Women in IP India 2021, awarded as Global Women in Leadership 2021 and runner up to Women Power Impact Creator 2021.

Connect with Pooja over Linkedin to know how i-TTO is helping women run start-ups and women inventors!

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