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Poem: Edging over Uncertainty

takes pleasure to welcome Underneath the Pink Umbrella as a guest contributor on Womenlines panel. Underneath the Pink Umbrella is a student in Singapore and feels strongly about women issues. This month she is sharing her piece of writing on uncertainty-

Underneath the Pink Umbrella: The glass ceiling that we hope to shatter one day is only but the Edge of the revolutionary change that is needed to achieve gender equality. But I’ve always wondered, what is that metaphorical glass ceiling. Referring to it as the edge, I explore the definition of it, as the struggle between its definition in the Dictionary and all the metaphors one can associate with Edge.



To pull back

Or push through

Questions perpetuate




All of us taking

Gossamery steps to interrogate the unknown

Or the vault into the dark.

Define “edge” better

Because “the outside limit of an object, area or surface”

Forgets the metaphorical implication

And the placable meaning

Yearns for an unappeasable one.

Dictionaries dictate,

The authority that tempers and forgets.

The edge isn’t just a boundary-

It is the permeable membrane

That selectively absorbs

Yet selectively exiles


Underneath the Pink Umbrella:

Hey! I am currently a freshman studying business, quite boring you might think, right? But I’m passionate about it! Besides that, I’m passionate about women’s rights, which is a topic that has been debated for centuries. A historian and artist, I try to research the story behind everything and imbue creativity in whatever I do. My contributions will show you my stance on women’s issues and offer a historical background and a fresher and more relatable perspective on the world and the women around you.

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