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Yoga For Heart Disease Prevention

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Heart disease usually describes a range of diseases that affect the heart in various ways. It includes diseases of blood vessels, like coronary artery disease; heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias); heart infections; high BP.

Yoga, meditation are the natural ways help to relive and live an active life. Watch this video to see how yoga poses and meditation helps in reducing heart diseases.

Womenlines wants its readers to prevent heart diseases naturally. Follow these yoga poses as shared by Archana Amlapure, founder of Ojas yoga centre in Singapore and a health coach, a certified Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist and an Influencer for Yoga on Womenlines panel.

Archana has served the corporate industry for twelve years, she finally decided to give up corporate career and explore inner self through Yoga and help people to find their life balance using Yoga as a tool. Her gentle teaching style makes her students at ease and comfortable in the class. She believes that Yoga is a way of life and aims to incorporate all aspects of Yoga into her teaching. She is very enthusiastic about learning new things and new ways, which makes her classes interesting, focused on mind body and soul wellness.

Instagram: ojasyoga0704
Linkedin: Archana Amlapure



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