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A PR and Marketing Firm Founder Building Powerful Brands Across the Gulf Region- Nousheen Mukhtar

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Nousheen Mukhtar, CEO of Marketing and PR company ‘Nousheen Mukhtar International’ which works towards creating powerful brands, from Dubai at ‘Stellar Entrepreneur Show’!

‘Stellar Entrepreneur Show’ at Womenlines is all about women in business, female founders, women entrepreneurs from across the globe who have worked hard to establish business ventures on their own and are ready to share their success secrets with other women to inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Nousheen is also a founder of YesGulf a business networking community and Stylfemina a women’s magazine. She is a business mentor, a visionary leader, and a staunch promoter of diplomacy in global business.

She has hosted and chaired seminars, conferences, and business events in the UAE. She is a woman on a mission to build a better, sustainable world that looks towards building stronger communities with greater values. An advocate of woman empowerment, Nousheen Mukhtar’s keynotes on this cause are revered globally. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, recognized for building business communities.

“I am a social entrepreneur with a mission of helping a community of passionate entrepreneurs grow and prosper through productive business connections and entrepreneurial support. With Nousheen Mukhtar International Marketing Management and YesGulf in the UAE, I look to build consistent marketing, branding and advertising support for all SMEs. “

Nousheen Mukhtar

Over ten years of experience in marketing, content creation and many years of experience in personal and corporate branding have enabled her to have fair insight into business development and growth, as well as a passion to learn more. Nousheen strongly believes in the power of people and constant evolution. She loves writing and as she believes it is a great way of reaching people’s hearts, she continues to share her diverse experiences with her audience through different mediums. Nousheen believes consistency, resilience, adaptability, a great team effort and evolving strategies help every entrepreneur achieve his or her dream in business.

Nousheen came to Dubai in 2010, and within a week picked up a job with an educational institute- despite a reported slow down in the economy at that time. After a couple of years, she decided to move out of the box and become an entrepreneur. And so she launched her first venture – a Tech company called Dynasty Technologies followed by a social platform called YESGulf.com.

Although Dynasty Technologies gave her the knack of running a company in the UAE successfully and serving the needs of multiple businesses, she realized the real strength lies in the social aspect of the business. Yes Gulf picked up quickly as the social activities spanned around business development through leveraging on a referral-based system powered by recurring networking events. The objective of this platform was to create a community of like-hearted expats who needed a helping hand in terms of settling down in what could be an overwhelming experience for newbies.

Nousheen Mukhtar International, the present company run by Nousheen is personal branding, marketing and PR agency specialized in corporate communications, media visibility campaigns, production and publicity as well as boutique marketing strategies. Its operations span across Dubai and the UAE. Its clients engage on a long-term basis to ensure their brands are positioned strongly and recognized as leading trendsetters. 

Womenlines team wishes the best to Nousheen for success in all her future endeavours!

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