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Real essence of friendship-Virtual or real time!

“I have 2000 friends on my facebook list!”, one of my friends boosted during our coffee meet. She was glowing with confidence that she is socially so well connected that she doesn’t need real-time friends and is really happy in her virtual world. “Who has time?”She reasoned out.Office, kids, husband, home, relatives, so many things to attend already in life. In such scenario virtual world of Facebook is really giving satisfaction to her  as it is satiating her desire of having lots of friends.

I am not in authority of any psychologist that I am questioning about the reliability of online friends. Initial pleasure of people getting added to my facebook list gave me a social boost and perhaps to my business but somewhere I was missing personal touch of chai sessions of my friends. I mean, how can you enjoy friendship virtually by just liking one friend’s status, or photographs or sharing about whats happening in our life. Social media sharing appeals to me as I am living in a foreign country and it gives me a feeling of being in touch with people, friends, and relatives whom I am not meeting regularly. I really admire Mark Zuckerberg creation which has made the world smaller.But he himself must be having his closed friends group with whom he must be meeting personally and not virtually:).

Friendships cannot be carried virtually. The personal touch of gossip, leg-pulling, sharings cannot be compared with online sharing of friendship. As it is said, “True friends are like jewels, precious and rare, false one are like autumn leaves found everywhere.”Don’t take your real friends for granted. Give them your time because they deserve it.At the time when you require your friends most then only real friends come to you and not your virtual friends.

Don’t let your real friends go away from you because of your virtual friends. You are a living being. Start living your life in real terms and not virtually!

Charu Mehrotra

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