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Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs are Better in Managing Work

When it comes to entrepreneurial ventures, more often than not men are found to take up the role of being entrepreneurs more than women. However, this has changed in recent times. Women today are actually tapping into their special skills and natural abilities that they have been blessed with to start and succeed at entrepreneurship. This isn’t to say that men are in any way less than women yet there are some reasonable points why women prove to be better at being entrepreneurs when compared to men. Since ages women have been showing their excellent capabilities around the world.


Women entrepreneurs are bound to move in the direction of controlled and gainful development. They frequently like to re-contribute business benefits over the equity venture to scale reasonably. As ladies progressively embrace the enterprise culture, they have a capacity of making distinctive business societies and models of pioneering development. Some of the reasons why women prove to be better at entrepreneurship when compared to men are:


  1. Women have a higher emotional intelligence quotient: Business and humanity impact each other immensely. We as a whole need to maintain our organizations with a lot more prominent emotional quotient and consideration for the general population we associate with, our workers, our clients, our providers, communities we deal with, etc. Women have an inborn ability to intrinsically understand this better than men. It can sometimes be difficult for men to be empathetic while women find it very easy to deal with all these situations. Women feel the need of making the world a superior place to live in intrinsically and they treat everyone around them with equal respect. They comprehend the more emotive part of working together and that is the reason why they easily comprehend the needs of their clients. In a period where associating and connecting with clients are exceptionally looked for after when it comes to business, women have an extremely unmistakable preferred standpoint over men.
  2. Women value creativity: When it comes to business, creativity and inventiveness is an imperative thing that goes far is creating success. We should be inventive in each part for maintaining a business and any business that has an imagination lack will think that it’s difficult to succeed in the coming years. Ladies will, in general, be increasingly liberal when it comes to the innovative parts of life and they have an unmatched ability to see value in coming up with different ways to be creative and innovative. While men follow a completely different approach. In case they cannot sell something, fix it or win it then they are not intrigued.
  3. Women value relationships better: Women are better at maintaining and valuing the relationships than men both at home and at work. Most men have an outlook of seeing relationships in light of profit and losses. Whereas, women focus on maintaining a relationship that is so strong that even in the tough times the clients and vendors get convinced that hard times will pass. No matter what the situation, these people stick with the business and work hard together to keep growing and succeeding further.
  4. Women are not overconfident: Most women when asked about their business state that it is thriving while most men stress on portraying their dominance when it comes to this. This isn’t on the grounds that the female entrepreneurs are doing any less well as compared to men, truth be told, an examination of the organizations driven by male and female business visionaries individually uncovers that the women are performing all the more emphatically and intelligently. They thrive to grow in the long term and they do this with a sense of being humble and grounded. Women tend to think for long term results as opposed to men who are interested in quick results.
  5. Women are better at taking financial risks: Assessing and overcoming the financial risks are an integral part of succeeding in business. Men and women both are always prepared to take risks when it comes to business not because they like to but more so because it is a prerequisite. The difference comes in the approach that they take. Women tend to see the financial risk-taking as something that as an opportunity to succeed whereas men see it just as a burden that must be done to ensure success. Women pay attention to little things and making the use of all the facilities that are at their disposal for a better financial gain, for example: women make quick decisions while opting for personal loans for women in the event that they need to invest some money in business or buy something new for the development of business. In addition to this, when women entrepreneurs take risks they are all the better at assessing the realistic possible dangers that are most likely to happen. Women perfectly assess if it is a good time or not to take a risk when it comes to personal finance and they make the best out of all the options available at a particular time.
  6. Women are better at negotiating: Without any uncertainty women are much-preferred negotiators than men. This is because they don’t attempt to win a negotiation since this suggests somebody needs to lose, they will, in general, go into a negotiation with a success frame of mind. Negotiations with a woman are always tough but they are always fair and reasonable. Mostly, it is always in the way a negotiation should be.

– Shipra Aggarwal

 A personal finance writer and Sub-Editor in Mudranomy, a social media community, with 3 years of experience in BSFI. Also, have worked with prominent News Daily in Chandigarh. Loves to read and write.




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