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Sex and the City-2



I really had fun watching movie Sex and the City!

I watched the first day show so never cared to read any review and I am thankful to myself for taking this decision. At times I feel that it is not necessary to make any opinion regarding any movie or any book too based on reviews written about them. Every individual has his own way of thinking and it’s not necessary what you like I will like too and vice-versa.
Movie SATC2  is based on bonding between bestselling author Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), mother-of-two Charlotte (Kristin Davis), workaholic lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and single Samantha (Kim Cattrall). They are true friends and always there for each other at the time of need. Leaving the sexual content of the movie which was really meant for rate R, the storyline of the movie is quite near to any female heart. Whether we talk about the scene in which in their private bar, Charlotte and Miranda share about the hardships of motherhood and then raise their glasses to moms who “don’t have help,” by which they mean paid servants.I just loved the way Charlotte confessed about her first thought, when she feared about her hubby’s interest in her hot nanny, that she never wanted to lose good nanny, was really true to heart. In life at times we behave like that, Isn’t it?We just let things happen the way they are because we really really don’t want to lose the comfort zone we have.
Samantha is, as ever, the promiscuous publicist, while Carrie and Big live in a plushly feathered uptown apartment. She’s  a writer and he’s working in Wall Street. Charlotte and Harry are the loving parents of two young daughters. Miranda has settled in Brooklyn with her husband, Steve, and son, Brady. But everything is not perfect as Charlotte is worried her husband is romancing with their hot new nanny.  Miranda is acting as the group’s warden. Samantha, meanwhile, is having difficulty in a country like Abu Dhabi where kissing in public is apparently punishable by law. Samantha also frets about the onset of menopause and doses herself with hormones and lotions. Miranda has a mean, sexist boss at the law firm.She’s also stressed out by parenthood.Carrie and Big, meanwhile,receive pity from other couples because of their decision to remain childless. “You mean it’s just the two of you?” a fellow guest at a wedding asks, incredulous.
The story turns grueling , especially when the action moves to the Middle East. Some incidences like a stolen kiss, a lost passport, the appearance of a former lover gives story a baseline but extreme happens when Samantha runs into trouble with the local people. In another country you have to show respect to the religion which they follow and any sensible lady will try to do it but showing sexual freedom in such scenario cannot be termed as sensible behavior.

Every character of the movie has its own personality which we can easily locate around us in the real world.What I loved in the movie is bonding between four girls and the way they helped each other. Do watch!

Charu Mehrotra

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