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Siglap CC Women Executive Community celebrated IWD 2019- A Glamourous You

In celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD2019), the Siglap CC Women Executive Community organised fun-filled event  ‘A Glamorous You’ on 3rd March at Siglap CC, Singapore!

What can be best than grooming women for inner beauty, outer beauty and for good health too around International Women’s Day. ‘A glamorous You’ event was successful in providing tips for hairstyling and hair care, yoga tips to keep participants fit and also health talk about what has to be taken care for a healthy diet. WEC team planned the whole event with great enthusiasm and high spirits. They made participants feel special by gifting them Chocolates. The event gave chance to the participants to be free, relax and enjoy with each other. Participants got a treat of high tea and they spent quality time together bonding with each other. Chairman of WEC Siglap CC  Miss Mary highlighted that this event is a signature event which they love to organize every year.

The event started with a session from the team from Beauty and Hair Fashion, ITE College East. Ms Mauryn Ng, who is a senior lecturer at ITE and Ms Jacqueline Chua shared valuable information related to hairstyling. Sharing about choosing the best hairstyle as per your face shape was interesting. Little facts like which type of hairbrushes should be used and what are the latest hairstyles were informative. The second session was health talk ‘Live Long, Live Strong’ was conducted by Ms Michelle Chew, Minmed Group Pte Ltd. She shared very important information on principles on healthy eating and the importance of physical activities in daily life. She mentioned that while buying our food we should be taking note of symbols on the food packs and understand what it means. She also emphasized on the importance of getting mindful in life about how many calories of food we are taking. The last session was Yoga session by Ms Dora, aerial instructor YTT200Yoga Alliance. Dora conducted a wonderful session by making participants do Yoga using the chair. She emphasized the importance of Pranayam in daily life how it can help womenfolk to relax and get their focus for the right things in life.


Hats off to WEC team for coming up with such a fantastic event celebrating the true spirit of International Women’s Day. I want to appreciate the Singapore Government’s efforts in establishing such community centres throughout Singapore which are doing an incredible job by organizing such wonderful events throughout the year celebrating very festivals, days, and carnivals. It helps in bonding people around and also celebrating togehter!


Let Excellence be your Brand!

Charu Mehrotra,

Founder Womenlines


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