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Womenlines Founder Keynote at Symposium ‘Celebrating Women Empowered’ by Up Your Game Community

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Celebrating the spirit of International Women’s Day, symposium ‘Celebrating Women Empowered’ by Up your Game Community in Singapore was quite stimulating. 11 inspiring stories shared by 11 talented speakers, straight from their heart was able to leave some learning lesson for the audience which they will remember forever. Some stories were quite soul-stirring ones and reflected the amount of determination and courage speakers put through their life journey to excel in life.

Speakers list-Wiwiek Najihah, Rainy Raimmaker , Julie Chatlani Belani, Charu Mehrotra, Fiona Li, Sakeena Tan,  Karolina Gwinner, Carolyn Street, Dhevaki Ahru, Anupama Singhal, Najmunnisa Abdul Kadar.

One of the speakers Julie Chatlani Belani who is a an Entrepreneur and Transformational Coach/ Speaker shared her views about the Symposium-

“It was such a beautiful afternoon organized by Up Your Game 2016 – A Personal Development Community . A huge Kudos to Rahul for getting ordinary women like us who have chosen to lead extraordinary lives, on a platform to empower other ordinary women to up their game and lead extraordinary lives too!!! The vibes amongst the audiences and the speakers took over the entire space. The energy there was buzzing with all sort of emotions….positive vibes, tears of joy, breakthroughs, gratitude, empathy, connection, and needless to say…Empowerment!!!It was beautiful to experience a room filled with over 50 ladies yet for once not even an ounce of negative vibes was sensed! No competition, just unconditional love. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak @ Up Your Game and also to have a chapter, GPS to Life, contributed to their book, Women Empowered. Thank you once again, Rahul Shah, and Up Your Game for the platform and for helping me in my purpose to transform more lives beautifully.”

Rahul Shah, founder of Up your Game Community mentioned-

“It was time for Up Your Game Community’s Women’s Symposium 2019! Featuring 11 awe-inspiring speakers and 50 plus attendees at Roo’s Gastrobar, it was an afternoon of sharing and learning. We ran out of time towards the end and had to marathon the final 5 speakers in 30 minutes but they stepped up to it while still giving incredible takeaways to those in the audience only the way empowered women could. We also launched the book “Women Empowered: Personal Journeys To Become Empowered Women”. It features 11 personal journeys and insights from specially invited empowered women and a 12th special chapter for the readers. It also features a Sheros segment to further celebrate the 30 Sheros for their outstanding work & contributions.”

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Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines

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