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Solworxs Presents an Amplethon to Sharpen your NoCode skills

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Womenlines takes pleasure to be a digital partner for the Amplethon 2021 – 8 hrs online ‘No Code Hackathon’, on 28th August, 2 pm- 10 pm IST, by Solworxs.

What if you can learn how to reduce the cost of development of apps by up to 80%? No Code environment of technology can make it possible. Gear up to participate in an Amplethon that can help you to get your fingers on the usage of No Code technology to build solutions!

Solworxs, a business company from India, is organising an Amplethon to empower Citizen Developers globally!

Why No Code Amplethon?

  • To empower citizen development 
  • To build awareness about no-code platforms 
  • WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get 
  • ATAWAD- Anytime anywhere any device 
  • Smart data capture 

The key focus of the amplethon is to invite, train and citizen developers to participate in solving problems with the usage of NoCode solutions and help the results to showcase for the democratization of IT solutions across organizations, Startups, MSMEs, Corporates.

No-code defined visual software development environments enable business and citizen developers to drag and drop mobile apps, bind them, and build smartphone or web applications known as no-code development platforms.

A no-code framework is a programming platform that uses a visual development interface to enable non-technical users to build applications by dragging and dropping software components to create a full app. Users don’t need any previous coding experience to build applications using no-code. (Credit)

Why should you take a No-code Approach? 

  • Access the no-code expert stocks 
  • To get app-based solutions to real-time problems 
  • Reduce the cost of development by up to 80% 

How does it works-

  • Participants opt the listed problems
  • Form Teams of 3
  • Deliver solutions – Technical Part (UI/UX) – Business use case – Marketing approach for the solution
  • Pitch and demo 

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