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STRINGS ODYSSEY- An All Women Fusion Ensemble by Potpourri Presentation

Shout out to all music lovers in Singapore…Womenlines is proud to support an exclusive musical event presented by potpourri.sg

On Friday, August  10, 2018, @ Esplanade Recital Studio at 7:00 pm

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Explore the Journey of Strings Music Across Continents .. with the Sounds and Facets of the most Versatile String Instrument .. The Violin .. from the Maestro Violinist Anupriya Deotale from India ..and the Chinese Traditional String Instruments, the Guzheng and Pipa from the indigenous talented young artists from Singapore.

The resonance of the Ensemble lies in the most popular Indian Percussion. The Tabla.

Strings Odyssey is an All Women Team Ensemble with Creative elements of unique sounds having a Musical Dialogue through the journey of Strings Music from India, to the Middle East, to Europe, The Americas and the East..

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