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‘Find Your Healthy Balance’- Key points From Health Talk by Ujjwala Baxi

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Womenlines as the digital marketing partner for the talk ‘Find Your Healthy Balance’ by registered dietitian Ujjwala Baxi, at Myras@ Stadium, Singapore, on 29th July, sharing key points from the talk. Talk emphasized on the role of nutrition in maintaining health-

Enlightening and Informative- two words will best describe the talk delivered by Dietitian Ujjwala Baxi on 29th July in Singapore!

Ujjwala is a passionate dietitian who wants to create awareness in people that they should regard their health as wealth. She says that “Good health  is all about mindfulness in life about what you eat, in what mood you eat and how much you eat.”Her tagline for her venture itself is so inspiring ‘Poshan -Cure thru Diet- Be a healthier version of yourself!’

Key points from the talk-

1. Get mindful of your sugar intake per day. Not only direct sugar but indirectly also we consume sugar from other food sources. This will help you to eliminate that food from your diet which provides you higher sugar content.

2. Develop the habit of always reading the ingredients of the product you are buying. Especially for kids, you should be aware of what type of sugar is there, are there many such ingredients like enzymes, MSG, emulsifiers which can harm your kid’s health.

3. Get mindfulness regarding not to heat cooking oil till smoking point. Also never grill or roast till the food turns near to black as it is carcinogenic and can lead to cancer.

4. Plan the amount of your food intake as per your daily activity. If you have a sedentary day you can reduce the food portion accordingly. But if you have a hectic day then you can go for high energy food like a banana.

5. Stop experimenting with so many varieties of bread available in the market. Go for choice in the wholemeal range of bread.

6. While planning food for the family you should think about getting the high cellular level energy after eating it. Create awareness regarding which food products provide what level of cellular energy in the body.


The whole sharing was incredible and it was a great learning session for the participants. Participants got a chance to get their hair analysis and energy levels checked at booths of Epigenetic and Energia. Kavita from Fitpro carried out a very interesting session of exercises at the beginning of the talk.

Participants received goody bags with many gifts and discounted vouchers sponsored by the sponsors at the event!





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