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‘Live Well, Feel Great”- Yafot Wellness

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It is pleasure to share about Yafot Wellness from Singapore which stands out in the field of wellness centres through its holistic offerings based on cutting edge latest technologies along with expert health, nutrition and homoeopathic consultancy to enhance one’s wellness.

Yafot Wellness is organising a complimentary talk on the topic  ‘Ladies Harness your Anger’. This talk is being conducted by the Homeopathic Health Consultant Dr Charuta Deshpande, who is having 6 years experience in her field. She brings her experience in psychological well being to shed light on how to harness one’s anger for better health in life-

‘Anger’ in women, is one emotion that is addressed very rarely. Knowingly or unknowingly being a woman we have learnt to control, hide or gulp down our anger in daily lives, whether it is just irritation, frustration, anger or rage. From my clinical experience, the constant dialogue that women have with themselves, of what should I do to make everyone happy? What should I do to prove my worth? What should I do to save this relationship? Will I accomplish anything by getting angry? How can I best fulfil my duty? Why don’t people accept me like I am? form the basis of their anger. It drains a lot of their energy, leaving them with no enough mental space for self-care.

Anger when unexpressed or inadequately expressed stays there like a wound. If expressed inappropriately can disturb personal well being and hurt people around you. These long-standing emotional wounds are carried forward as physical chronic pain, psychosomatic disorders and mental health issues. Some of the common physical disorders that arise from the ‘stress of anger’ are chronic muscular pains, hormonal, uterine, nervous, migraines and asthama. Psychological problems like low mood, sleep disturbances, nervousness are also seen frequently.

“Ladies, Harness your Anger” a wellness talk @ Yafot wellness by our very experienced psychological well-being Homoeopathic consultant, Dr Charuta aims at bringing more awareness and understanding about the complex emotion of anger. In the process, empowers you with some practical strategies to express your anger appropriately.

Thus, it’s time to harness the power of ‘emotion of Anger’ by acknowledging the parts that make it valuable and fixing the parts that make it so damn exhausting.

This talk is on  6th July, at 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm, at 360, Orchard Road, #03-16/17, International Building, Singapore, 238869. Please RSVP to +65 69511220 or +65 87385400. You can also email at info@yafotwellness.com to register.

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