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“Live Well, Feel Great” – Yafot Wellness

                                                         Dr Muller’s Infinity for Red Light Therapy 

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Yafot Wellness is a local health and wellness business in Singapore that seeks to provide the best services and products to help people achieve optimal health and wholeness, starting from the inside out. Yafot uniquely combines a variety of cutting-edge technologies along with expert health, nutrition and homoeopathic consultancy to enhance one’s wellness.

This week Womenlines is excited to share two of their innovative treatments Oxygen Rejuvenation Therapy and Signature Collagen Thermal Therapy from Germany and Japan

Oxygen Rejuvenation Therapy

Oxygen. A vital yet often overlooked resource that our bodies depend on. Most of us have yet to learn about the extraordinary impacts of having a regular and healthy supply of oxygen in our bodies.

Due to ageing, decreasing oxygen levels in our environment and unhealthy habits/lifestyles, many face the silent yet alarming issue of oxygen deficiency. 

With Yafot’s 20 minutes high concentration oxygen therapy, you get to enjoy a consistent supply of 40% oxygen concentration. It is a simple yet powerful therapy for your mind and body.

Some of its Benefits:

(i) Recover from Fatigue

(ii) Skin Rejuvenation

(iii) Enhanced Immunity

(iv) Enhance Memory

(v) Greater Efficiency and Concentration in Work


Signature Collagenic Thermal Therapy


The highlight of this treatment features a session of Dr Muller’s Red Light Therapy, coupled with the use of our proprietary Rare Diamond Thermal Carbon Sheets, an innovation from Japan. Unique from its counterparts, it is a full body experience that covers you from head to toe. Other than stimulating your body to produce collagen, this treatment has many other benefits, both health and beauty related.

Red light wavelengths produce regenerative effects in our body when it comes into contact with our cells. By impacting cells on a cellular level, red light therapy has shown that it readily brightens one’s skin tone and improves texture. It also soothes inflammation, improves mild acne, and treats fine lines and wrinkles.

Thanks to its capability to stimulate collagen, red light therapy also aids in pain relief and muscle repair. Those who experience pain in their joints or muscles benefit from red light therapy, because of its regenerative effects to boost joint and musculoskeletal health.

In addition to having red light therapy, we have the Rare Diamond Thermal Carbon (RDTC) sheets that complement the treatment. With the use of RDTC sheets, the red light wavelengths are able to pass deeper into the body, through skin, fat and muscle and into one’s inorganic bone matter. It amplifies the red light wave resonance, resulting in greater regenerative effects on the body.

Offerings from Yafot Wellness are exclusive and can help people to achieve optimal health. Do contact Yafot’s friendly team to find out more about the offerings! 

Live Well, Feel Great – Yafot Wellness



360 Orchard Road, #03-16/17, International Building, Singapore 238869

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yafotwellness/

Contact no- 6951 1220








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