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Tazeen Taxology by Dr Tazeen Siddiqui Revolutionizing Teaching Methodology In Schools Across India

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Womenlines takes pleasure to share about Dr Tazeen Siddiqui in ‘Entrepreneur/Professional Expert of the month’  section of Womenlines. Do listen to her in the video shared above about her revolutionizing teaching methodology ‘Tazeen Taxology” which she strongly believes can improve education methodology!

A social entrepreneur, passionate educator, trainer, and a beautiful soul Dr Tazeem Siddiqui is Managing Director 
Mansha Educational society by profession. She lives her life with a vision for people to rise together with excellence through quality education, irrespective of whether someone lives in a rural or urban area. She has created her own educational theory, which is called Tazeen Taxology and is being implemented in various schools across India.


Tazeen Taxology is a Methodology with the series of steps as for how to deliver a concept in a classroom by the teacher, which can target the real learning of children and ignite their thoughts of creating and innovating with each concept as they learn.

Implementation of Tazeen Taxology across various schools in India

Understanding the concept of igniting learning which leads to innovation and creativity.
Teachers don’t have to teach the children they have to explore the minds and hearts of kids to help them identify their own strength to rise with excellence.

Dr Tazeen emphasizes “I believe when we have aspiration in our hearts, vision in our eyes and dedication in our approach and actions, we can un-veal real wonders of the world.”


Feedbacks from Mentors Vision India on Tazeen Taxology

Key points about Tazeen Taxology-

  • Tazeen Taxology encourages a child to dream and be unique by creating and innovating his/her own learning
  • Tazeen Taxology encourages teachers to implement the concept with effective interactive learning in the classroom
  • Tazeen Taxology takes a child to the journey of understanding the basics of concept with happiness and positivity
Dr George Salazar from NASA, Johnson Space the Centre, the USA appreciating Tazeen Taxology


In past Dr Tazeen’s paper ‘Multiple Intelligences 54’ was presented at Harvard University. Siddiqui’s paper ‘Typing fingers vs Writing fingers’ was selected at the Oxford Women Leadership Symposium.

As a Founder Mansha Vision India, Dr Siddiqui has done Skype sessions in the interior of Rural areas and her  journey has been  shared on http://mb.ntdin.tv/en/article/english/channelizing-conflict-love-care-teachers-soulful-journey-changing-young-minds  

Her article has been  published in top 10 forums of the world http://mb.ntdin.tv/en/article/english/a-poor-exam-score-is-not-the-only-reason-behind-children-committing-suicide
A Global Goodwill Ambassador, Dr Siddiqui is also an expert Columnist for NDTV, which is in the top 10 forums of the world

Do visit http://www.jaimansha.org/team.php  to know more about Dr Tazeen and her work. Jai Mansha has also launched e-magazine ‘Dr Kalam International Vision India Reader’ so that all principals can share knowledge and rise together with excellence.

And when you ask Dr Tazeen about her dream, she says “I want to see India at the top now in education”…such a marvellous and impressive dream, isn’t it friends? Womenlines team wishes the best of luck to Dr Tazeen in her journey of excellence in education!



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