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Today’s Women – boosting self-esteem, confidence and opportunities available re-starting work

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Self-confidence and esteem have to do with trusting your abilities, your qualities and your judgement. It has to do with knowing your worth. The ability to step out of your comfort zone and be able to restart and build your career is to be confident in yourself. Below are the key points needed to boost your confidence-

  1. Give yourself the pep talk, it could be a speech to create enthusiasm and arouse confidence

  2. Understand that your emotions can be all over the place

  3. Learn to say ‘No’ because you have been effectively being a housewife and you may find yourself doing it all. You need support.

  4. Never be afraid to go back into an industry where technology has moved on and the company has re-established, all you need to do is look at your skills and as a mother repackage them to an employer. Its all about how you sell yourself these days.

  5. Remember how you speak to your children reassuring them and building them up, do that to your self

  6. Career counsellors and consultants can help mothers find their crucial path back to work

In today’s world, considering the level of change in technology and rapid growth in industrialization, women can work anywhere. Most companies are trying to welcome the idea of work-life balance programs in the current demographic and economic climate, however, policies and strategies that promote work-life balance for employees are becoming increasingly vital to commercial sustainability (Edwards and Rothbard, 2000). Where the right balance is found and sustained there is the mutual gain for both employees and the employer (Rice and McFarlin), below are some of the OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE for women who want to restart their career;

  1. Although work is important, family comes first, flexibility should be considered at the office or part-time work can be negotiated so that you have the job even if you are on break.

  2. Companies should create opportunities like work-life programs for women to help them balance the work and family activities

  3. Organizations should provide opportunities for women to work from home, while gainfully employed.

  4. Keep yourself skilled; update your knowledge and skills, it could help to get a job easier

  5. Women could attend Return to Work programs which could provide women in restarting their career

  6. From your skills, you could become an entrepreneur in a business or a professional in your chosen field of skill

People, most especially women suffered a lot having to choose what is most important or what to come first, work or family. It is understood that the increased number of women efforts in the workforce had contributed to the effort of work and life balance initiate, due to the fact, that they play the major role in the family. Patrice Chioma N. (2019).

When flexibility in companies or organizations occur, which enables individuals to integrate and overlap work and family responsibilities in time and space, it leads to a positive spillover which is instrumental in achieving a healthy work-life balance.

  • Cleopatra Onyemaobichukwu N.

    A Nigeria based Guidance Counselor with a private practice in Educational and Organizational sector. A freelance writer. Her writing interests include Health, Education and Relationship.


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