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The Man Behind the Mission to Make Medical Help More Accessible to Women of Colour- Mohamed Kamara

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Womenlines guest contributor Maiye Waller from North CarolinaUnited States, is sharing about a ventureInovCares, which is a great example of healthcare innovations in present times. Working towards improving women’s health, InovCares, is a mission-driven organization making medical help more accessible to women of colour-


This month I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with a young, thriving entrepreneur by the name of Mohamed Kamara. Mohamed is the CEO and Founder of InovCares which is headquartered in Atlanta. Inovcares lives in remembrance of Mohameds’ Sister and Aunt who passed away from preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is defined as a pregnancy complication associated with high blood pressure along with causing damage to other organ systems. As statistics have shown, the result can be fatal if not caught in time, which was the case with his sister and newborn, who tragically passed from undiagnosed preeclampsia, while giving birth.

Inovcares exist to help reduce the effects of eclampsia and preeclampsia, as well as to help simplify the medical experience for patients. Eclampsia and preeclampsia will take approximately 63,000 Mother’s lives annually worldwide. This is the extenuating circumstance that has given Mohamed the ultimate solution to the problem at hand. Like The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation and I, Mohamed is extremely passionate about helping to give African American women equal access to quality healthcare providers that they deserve; before, during and after pregnancy. Read below as I dive a little more into the story of the “Man Behind the Mission.” 

  1. Can you tell me a bit about your career path and what led you to the role you’re in today at InovCares? 

I was born in Sierra Leone. I ended up moving here [The United States] to attend college in Ohio. I ended up volunteering to work with Project Hope, an NGO that provides healthcare to women internationally. I was wanting to modernize health care for women of colour and close the communication gap that exists between doctor and patient needs. We launched this idea in the clinic of Dr Alawode’s. Dr Alawode & I met at Johns Hopkins during a business of healthcare conference. There, InovCares was born

2. What does a workday look like for you at InovCares?

A typical day at Inovcares is a different day today. But most days involve talking to potential partners, consumers, and investors. 

I usually spend some time talking with physicians and patients. I get with my team to do building strategies and running numbers.

3. What are some big projects you’re working on now or that you’ve finished up in the last few months?

Well, we just did an investor award show. Where we displayed our Inovcares App for users. We took time to speak with hospitals and employers so that they could find creative ways to bring our program and app on for their members. Our biggest goal now is to get the word out. 

4. Is there something that surprised you about the role when you first started?

Not as much. I have always worn several hats and liked many things on my plate. I like doing something different every single day. I played soccer, completed seven internships, and was president of the Accounting Association when I was a Junior. In the summer of my senior year, I accepted a full-time offer from Ernst & Young. I then decided to continue my education, completing my MBA program in 2012 at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

5. What skills do you think are most important for someone interested in a job like yours?

Flexibility.  It is the biggest learning curve. Also being able to be humble and listen to users on the app; not doing things [updates, etc.] just because it’s cool. I always ask myself: Does it solve a problem? Is it functional? I do believe that I am adding value [to people]. We are empowering patients and empowering physicians. 

6. Do you have any particular resources for mothers who have experienced repeated losses in order to feel less stressed and scared that they’ll lose their next pregnancy?

InovCares strives to connect moms to a clinical psychologist as well as connecting them with other moms within the community. Matu [A previous patient] was experiencing infertility with conceiving her second child. We matched her with the best specialists that provided her with quality care. She now has a beautiful baby boy named John. I am stubborn in the fact that I want Inovcares to be impactful for women; and many moms like Matu. 

7. What would you say your ideal world is like for Mothers and newborns, and trying couples?

First of all, I want all trying couples to know to relax, it’s okay. Ninety per cent of moms should know it’s not their fault. It takes two. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself. When you and your partner are about to have sex, go for the experience when you’re both relaxed.  The mom plays a role, the father plays a role. In the words of our physicians “Don’t make it so hard on yourself”. 

As for new moms, the journey is hard, be patient with yourself. I want all mothers to live in a world where they know their birth experience will be just as human as any other mom and not taken less seriously because of their skin color. My ideal world is that they will be treated with dignity and love just like their counterparts. 

8. Where do you see yourself and InovCares in 5 or 10 years?

“I see us making the biggest impact and still fighting the good fight”

Website: Inovcares


Maiye Waller


The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation


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