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The Secret Guide To Boost Your Style from Stephanie Michelle, Coach of Style

Womenlines takes pleasure to share about Style Coach Influencer at Womenlines panel, Stephanie Michelle. Stephanie Michelle, Coach of Style is a Personal Stylist and Visual Presence Coach.  She helps women transform and enhance their visual presence so that they love who they are and show up as the best version of themselves. Ultimately saving them time, money, and effort giving them the Power of Style. This month Stephanie Michelle is sharing tips on how to boost your style-

Do you ever think about giving your style a boost? 

You have worn your favourite attire in the same way for too long. Are you tired of wearing that skirt with the same top? Has your work attire seen better days?  There is no need to keep up with your perceived notion that you have to keep things the same way all the time. Many women worldwide fall into the style comfort zone. It keeps you from maximizing your Power of Style

In the long run, you can read books, take courses, and seek the services of consultants or stylists. These are great ideas, but you need some simple tips you can try at home right now. Try these 4 quick tips to give your style a boost. 

Assess- Know Your Likes 

The best thing to do is to start by assessing what you like. What is your personal style or what style would you like to explore? What items in your closet do you enjoy wearing the most? Once you are able to narrow down what you like, it will be easier to focus on key elements of appeal. Don’t worry if you have a long list of likes, it just means you will have access to more creative options.

Accessories- Mix It Up

Let the fun begin with accessories. You will have scores of options to choose from, including belts, bracelets, watches (I know I am not the only one that wears a watch as an accessory and not a timepiece) earrings, necklaces, scarfs, pins, rings, and so many other options. Think about your personality and where you are wearing these items. Add a piece of jewellery or two to one of your favourite outfits. Mix pieces together for some variety and flair. INSERT PICTURE #1

Color-Make It Pop 

To continue giving your style a boost, add a pop of colour. Adding colour is a process for some, but never fear, it’s easy to start small. Switch out your white top for a bold coloured top. Try coloured slacks or a skirt with a muted tone top.  Wearing colour can be a sensitive topic because people are afraid of making too much of a statement in their colourful attire. The key is to try. Start off small or light.

If you are ready to take a big leap, try a bold coloured dress with your work jacket/blazer/sweater. How about a great pair of shoes saturated with colour? The next time you get dressed try these steps and see how creative you can be.

Secret Weapon

The secret weapon is where it all comes to life. You started with figuring out what you like, then you rummaged through all your accessory possibilities and came up with your awesome personalized collection. You moved to enhance your look with pops of colour. Now it is time for the secret weapon.  What is the secret weapon?  YOU, displaying your personalized Power Of Style. 

It is time for a much needed boost. Apply these tips and see how much you can boost your style. 


Stephanie Michelle, Coach Of Style

Stephanie Michelle is a Personal Stylist and Visual Presence Coach.  She is the founder of Styled by Stephanie Michelle and is known as the Coach of Style. Professionally, she helps women transform and enhance their visual presence, so they love who they are and show up as the best version of themselves. She works with private clients, clients in group sessions, and on photoshoots. She has had the opportunity to be lead stylist for Men’s Fashion Week Dallas, 2018 Season 5. Stephanie Michelle has also been featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine and Allen & Houston Magazine.  The Coach of Style was also awarded The Fashion Influencer Award at the Dallas Influencer Awards, Spring 2019. INSERT

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