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5 Tips for Dressing For A Presentation

Womenlines takes pleasure to share a very interesting article on dressing for a presentation by Style Coach Influencer at Womenlines panel, Stephanie Michelle. Stephanie Coach of Style is a Personal Stylist and Visual Presence Coach. Stephanie is also a Personal Wardrobe Stylist and Style Coach. She helps women transform and enhance their visual presence while saving them time, money, and effort. Her efforts are designed to give women the Power Of Style. This month Stephanie is sharing tips on how to dress well for workplace-


Captivating your audience is important in both the physical and virtual space. All eyes are on you and you need to deliver your verbal and visual message confidently.  As the virtual space replaces many physical offices, presentations and speeches may most likely be delivered virtually. Keep in mind you are presenting professionalism. You need to look the part. 

As a Stylist and Visual Presence Coach, one of the many concerns my clients want to address is how to dress for a presentation. With so many areas of work in professional and creative spaces, the options of what clothes to wear and how to wear them are endless. The endless choices can be overwhelming. Here are some key tips you can use to help you make smart choices when getting ready for your next presentation.

Tip 1: Staple Pieces

Choose easy-to-wear mixable pieces. Some of your choices include: statement dresses, statement tops, skirts, pantsuits, pants, and blazers.

Avoid showing too much cleavage or wearing sheer fabrics. 

Tip 2: The Fit

Clothing and undergarments should fit you properly. Improperly fitting clothes can be distracting from your overall visual presence.

Avoid clothing that is too tight, too loose, or too short. Do not get caught constantly adjusting your clothing while speaking. It is not professional and disrupts the flow of your message. Professional alterations will provide you with a proper fit.

Tip 3: Colors

Mix a statement color with neutral colors. Colors are a great way to add a bit of individuality and attract pleasant attention to you. 

Avoid being too loud with your colors and patterns in a professional setting. You want to create appeal, not distractions.

Tip 4: Accessories

Wear pieces that accentuate your outfits. You may choose to wear small pieces of jewelry such as a ring, a necklace, and/or a bracelet. Earrings are always a nice touch, too.

Avoid wearing too much jewelry or loud jewelry. The musical clang of your accessories can be a disruption during the delivery of your presentation. In other words this is not the time to wear all of your favorite bangles at the same time. 

Tip 5: Brand

Take into consideration the audience you are presenting to. You want to gain the audience’s trust. Choose garments that represent your brand but do not turn the audience away or off. Remember, you are being seen and heard. Often your initial impression is the lasting impression. 

Bonus Tip

Boost your confidence by practising with different looks before delivering a presentation. If you are not confident with what you are wearing, Do Not wear it. If you do not feel confident, you lack the power of style. The audience will feel and see it. Confidence is a must. 

When you prepare an appealing message coupled with a commanding look, you will be ready to deliver your message in all of your presentations.

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Stephanie Michelle, Coach of Style is a Personal Stylist and Visual Presence Coach

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